Major Beauty Brand Collabs With A Witch For Newest Collection And We’re Totally Under It’s Spell


Tú Me Hiciste Brujería

Some of us beauty lovers know that there is something magical about makeup and skincare. Another way to think about your beauty routine is to remember that these moments spent treating your skin and applying your makeup is a ritual. Smashbox cosmetics has teamed up with The Hoodwitch to create a crystal inspired collection.

This was the promo that stopped our hearts!

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WHo is The HoodWitch?

Our long time readers will recognize the name right away. A few years ago, Pepper had the opportunity to interview Bri Luna, the woman behind The Hoodwitch.

Of course there is her body of work, thehoodwitch.com. Connect to yourself on a higher frequency with her intuitive guidance through reading her blogs. There are weekly horoscopes she features on a post called “Witch Tips and Horoscopes.”


You want to know about the power that comes from a New Moon or what the hell people mean when they say “Mercury is in retrograde,” this is a site that has the answers to all of those questions.


There is a shop that sells crystals and smudging tools. Definitely better than getting random crystals from companies like Urban Outfitters who are just chasing a buck verses genuinely nourishing your mystical knowledge and power. You can find a Bruja Bookshop as well!

Since so much discovery happens on Instagram, you’ve definitely seen The Hoodwitch’s iconic manicures that landed her a collab with Floss Gloss and a feature on Vogue.com. Even if you don’t run in zodiac or crystal loving circles, you would’ve come across her feed just for the sheer #nailinsp0 #nailenvy Bri Luna is always serving us.

But, of course!, so many people have learned of The Hoodwitch through her JAW - DROPPINGLY - GORGEOUS exhibit in Refinery 29’s 29 Rooms exhibit.

Our very own site creator got to experience it!

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The real ones trust thehoodwitch.com for authentic bruja knowledge and tools.

What this collab is NOT:

A tacky bastardization of witchcraft and spirituality. We all remember the disrespectful disaster that The Pinrose Starter Witch Kit was. What is often forgotten when it comes to witchcraft is that for many of it’s followers, it is a religion. And Pinrose missed the memo. They saw a rise in the popularity of crystals and went after it with no regard, or basic research, before they launched this collection.

Because of the history of Pinrose, when I caught wind of the Smashbox collection, the first thing I thought I saw was ‘crystal themed sprays.’ I rolled my eyes and scrolled right past it. I thought, “Oh great, another bastardization of a minority culture that is mocked, misused, and then abused once some celebrity (Kim K) says they are suddenly just sooo into it.” I was ready to ignore it all together. I had just seen like 10 videos on IG of bloggers dunking rose quartz rollers into a jar of some expensive moisturizers and facetiously rubbing it on their faces. But then Pepper texted me a screen shot that showed it is being done with The Hoodwitch! Mood changed!!!

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One, she is a practicing witch. Two, I am forever reading her blog. Three, I have purchased two of her sage bundles, one with sunflowers and the other with roses, and I genuinely believe in, and am intimidated by, there power. Finally: she is a woman of color! Yes, that always makes me swell with pride when I see all kinds of minority women getting a spotlight!

More than just my typical fangirling, which you know I always am, this collaboration is clearly well done. Of course, part of me believes that Smashbox is just cashing in on a trend. Colourpop has done crystal sprays, Kim K did a crystal fragrance, Sephora is selling crystal infused eyeshadow palettes, -I literally saw a sage bundle in a Cosmo Mag last summer and thought- this is going to get out of hand. It’s one thing to teach people about this culture and these rituals involving crystals and sage. It’s a whole other thing to steal from a culture. Without including people, like Bri Luna, who put in the work to educate others about their practices. It is irresponsible and offensive.

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Bri Luna did an Instagram Live the day of the collection launch and talked about her collab. She was ready with a response to anyone who doubted her validity as a witch for working with a big company like Smashbox.

“…I feel like for all black and brown brujas - when you have that door of opportunity and when people who actually respect your work and they come to you and they hire you to do a proper collaboration, then that is up to you to say ‘you know what, this does feel like an opportunity to share my vision. …You have to know your truth and i think that you can properly collaborate and you can work with these bigger companies when know your integrity…. I was not willing to make a ‘witch kit.’ i was not going to put sage and crystals into a package. … I love crystals, i love minerals, i think that theyre beautiful but am i going to put an endangered plant into a package? No. that’s ridiculous to me. This is my real practice. this is my real life. I worked as a makeup artist for over 5 yrs. i love period makeup. i love history. i love alchemy, i love learning how minerals were used to create some of the first eyeshadows in egypt by using lapis lazuli, … These practices are not trendy. they are not new. This is ancient. these are ancient minerals. These are ancient stones that were created to make makeup. Makeup in itself was always seen as a form of sorcery and enchantment and magic. So I love glamour and that’s kind of why i felt as a Taurus, who is ruled by Venus, I felt very aligned with making a beauty collection. … I feel like everything I do in my life is intentional… So I think that even something as simple as doing makeup, you’re going in with an intention. Makeup allows us to be ourselves. and it allows us to create our own reality. … There is no right or wrong way to do your makeup. There is no right or wrong way to be spiritual… Do not allow yourself to be pinned down with labels. I feel good. I feel confident with what I’ve put into this world with what I’ve co created. I’m just so grateful.

Meet The Crystallized Collection


@Trendmood1 on instagram captured some stunning photos of these products and swatches.


Shopping this collection like:


Crystalized Always On Liquid Eyeshadow

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The Hype: “long-wearing liquid eyeshadow that glides on brilliant, crystal-inspired shimmer & won't crease, flake or smudge” (source)

Need to know: 6 shades, $24
Avaiable at Ulta + smashbox.com
Shop here

How beautiful are the caps of these liquid eyeshadows!!

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Makeup Mantra!

Our Skincare Editor, Kayla, did her own trendmood-esque unboxing of the goodies she picked up from this collection.

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“Makeup Mantra: Spray & Say: “I am grounded”

On the lid of each box for this collection, there is a Makeup Mantra. Mantras help you focus your intentions. They can get your mind to focus on the task at hand or the overall goal. By collaborating with Bri Luna, Smashbox is able to bring these practices to people who otherwise might not have learned about it.

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“Makeup Mantra: Spray & Say: “I am clear in my intentions”

Crystalized Highlighter


The Hype: “gel-powder highlighter that wraps your skin in radiance. Infused with crystals, its iridescent shade is inspired by spirit quartz.” (source)

Need to know: $39
Avaiable at Ulta + smashbox.com
Shop here

This is the crystal that inspired it all! Spirit Quartz


Kayla came through, again, with another gorgeous capture of the packaging! Don’t You love how the light plays with it!

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Trendmood1 on IG gave us swatch envy. You can see there is a clear base with the peachy iridescent sheen. Reminds me a Colourpop’s retired Super Shock Cheek Highlighter in Highly Waisted. One of my favorite highlighters!

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Photo Finish Crystalized Primerizer

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The Hype: “2-in-1 shimmering primer & moisturizer that hydrates & locks on makeup in a super light texture. The rose quartz-inspired shimmer gives your skin a subtle pearl finish that can be worn with makeup or on bare skin” (source)

Need to know: $42
Available at Ulta + smashbox.com
Shop here

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Crystal Inspo: Rose Quartz

Crystalized Photo Finish Primer Water

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The Hype: “diamond-charged primer spray infused with fragrance inspired by rose quartz, amethyst & black tourmaline. Use it to hydrate skin, prep for makeup &a refresh your complexion & aura.” (source)

Need to know: $32, 3 scents
Available at Ulta + smashbox.com
Shop here

Who doesn’t go overboard with their beauty sprays

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Cover Shot Eyeshadow Palette: Crystalized

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The Hype: “curated mix of 8 vividly pigmented, crystal-inspired shades with matte, metallic & foil finishes” (source)

Need to know: $29
Available at Ulta + smashbox.com
Shop here

Crystalized Gloss Angeles Lip Gloss

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The Hype: “non-sticky, high-shine lip gloss that hydrates, makes lips look fuller & is infused with crystals to enhance your magic.” (source)

Need to know: $19, 3 shades
Available at Ulta +smashbox.com
Shop here


Crystalized Shimmer Drops

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The Hype: “moonstone-inspired iridescent liquid highlighter that can be used on the face or as a lip topper. It sets fast, stays in place & is infused with crystals to enhance your magic” (source)

Need to know: $25
Available at Ulta + smashbox.com
Shop here

Crystal Inspo: Moonstone


Share your looks and #getcrystalized! Everyone wants to see your beauty ritual!

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Beauty Ritual Goals!

Beauty, Magic & The Hood Witch

"I feel like I’ve always been a very majestic little creature."

Name: Bri Luna

Los Angeles, CA 

Taurus sun/Taurus Moon

Entrepreneur. Mother. Magic Maker.

What drove you to create The Hood Witch website? My grandmother’s really were my biggest inspiration for the site. One being a mexican curandera (healer) and the other a very spiritual woman from the south, they both really taught me a lot in their own way.  I wanted a place to share practical rituals, art, music, health + wellness.  Also to provide tools such as crystals and herbal smudges for others on their journey who may not have access to reliable stores that offered these items. I  wanted to do this in a modern non-dogmatic approach, both visually and in my writing. I wasn’t interested in having this very serious, stuffy, or self-righteous spiritual website. I wanted something for the modern mystic, we live in a very fast paced world where it’s hard to unplug and unwind. My biggest focus was to share some practices to help empower and also help people discover new (old) methods of healing.  With that, came the idea to create  a members only community for our readers to join and share more in depth conversations about their personal practices and spiritual journey, and off  of major social networking sites like Twitter, or Facebook. It’s been amazing,  we now have over hundreds of members from all over the world, and from so many varying spiritual practices and skill sets, I love  it.  

Where did you grow up? I was born and raised amongst Sunshine, Palm trees, and stars in the magical city of fallen angels. Los Angeles, CA. 

What’s the first crystal you’ve purchased, what age were you and why? hmm, the first crystal I ever purchased was when I was maybe 6 or 7 years old.. It was a tiger’s eye (a stone of protection and courage). I purchased it by myself in the mall at one of those stores that had tons of large crystals, dream catchers,  and they played pan flute music. Natural Wonders was what the store was called, I think. I bought the tiger’s eye because honestly,  I liked the name. 

When did you become more involved with your spirituality? I feel like I’ve always been a very majestic little creature. Magic and mysticism has always fascinated me since as early as I can remember. I was a very energetically sensitive child, so I loved learning about the paranormal, ancient lost civilizations, and occultism.

Who’s your muse? I have so many strong and powerful women that I feel are my spiritual muses. Frida Kahlo, Eartha Kitt, Vali Myers, Goddess Kali, Elvira, Grace Jones.  

Do you meditate if so how often? I consciously try to meditate daily, usually in the early mornings and before bed. It helps me balance and center myself for the day. Meditation for me can also be while i’m doing the most mundane things, like just walking around the city or driving for long distances zoning out and listening to a really great playlist. 

When do you feel most beautiful? I feel the most beautiful when I’m treating my body right, eating healthy meals, and getting plenty of sleep. I love getting my nails and hair done. I’m a taurus so I love luxurious shit. Sleeping in a big bed of fine linens and pillows, facials and regular hot stone massages. Beauty inside and out.

"Always trust your intuition..."

What’s your favorite feature? I love my eyes, because they’re big enough to see through your soul, like an owl. They’re powerful and yet  soft, and my sharp winged black eyeliner really plays them up. I tend to make direct eye contact when I speak,and that sometimes creeps people out,  I’m good at reading people.  

If you were a nail polish color what would you be? A really poppin’ neon or a fierce matte Black.

What are 3 beauty products you can’t live without?

  1. Black Liquid Eyeliner

  2. Anastasia's Brow Kit

  3. Frederic Malle perfume

What are 3 essentials you need for home when changing the mood or energy in your house? Candles (preferably Diptyque), Flowers, and music, I love old records. 

What’s your biggest accomplishment thus far?  My biggest and best life accomplishment has been growing a human, nothing’s really topped that, and I doubt it ever will. but being featured in Vogue is a pretty big deal. 

Describe your personal style:  I love pairing over the top accessories with very casual attire. So like, I can be wearing a pair of filthy vans, with an elegant vintage fur coat and a vintage turquoise Squash blossom necklace that probably cost more than my outfit. I LOVE vintage jewelry, I love big chunky rings. Accessories are my favorite thing, more than clothes anyway.

What are 3 essentials you need when traveling? Money, My iphone,  a bundle of White sage. 

-If you were a tea what flavor would you be and why? I actually really enjoy creating my own tea blends using organic flowers and herbs. I would be  a really fragrant rose tea, I love rose in everything, essential oils, perfumes, tea. It’s so soothing, romantic, and one of the highest vibrational frequencies of  oils you can use on your body. 

Talk a little bit about your collaboration with Floss Gloss? Last spring Floss Gloss & The Hoodwitch decided to join forces. We created a trio of opaque pastels called The Daydream Trio set. The colors were these dreamy unicorn colors. When people think WITCH they think black, vampy red, and other darker colors but that was too predictable, too gimmicky. Working with my girls Aretha + Janine  was really  easy because we honestly just get each other, it felt really natural. Not to mention our visual aesthetics are on the same wave, so it was a lot of fun. We had my good friend Sober (http://www.djsober.com/) design the crystal ball with my signature  stiletto nails for our  logo & packaging and it was all just so perfect the way it came together! 

What’s your favorite book in your online bookshop Bruja Bookshop? Well, our books are constantly changing. We don’t stock multiple copies of the same book because they’re all hand picked vintage/rare esoteric and metaphysical books. At  this very moment, I’d say The Jungian Tarot And Its Archetypal Imagery by  Robert Wang.

What’s the last song on your IPod? The last song I played was “Slow Tapes” by a band called Angel’s Dust. I’ve been really into their EP lately. It’s SO good!

Weekly on your site you select a Goddess of the week what do you do to make yourself feel like a goddess? Drinking red wine in a bathtub scented with essential oils, and being surrounded by lots of candles. 

A message you would like to share: Always trust your intuition. If something feels off, it is.

"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration."

-Nikola Telsa