Sachajuan Normal Hair Shampoo Review

Written by Christine .Q 

So I've talked about how once or twice a week I do a deep cleanse for my hair with one of my favs, Big Shampoo by Lush. For years, I've been searching for my HG everyday shampoo. Since I'm a gym rat and my hair also leans on the greasy side, I have to wash my hair everyday. It's hard to find something that's gentle enough for everyday use but also does a good job of cleaning. I've tried everything from baby shampoo to cleansing condition. I even jumped onto the baking soda and water bandwagon, but that was incredibly short lived. 

I'm a boutique gym junkie. The thing I love about boutique gyms is that they provide their clients with top notch beauty products. Since these workouts are costly, I am going to take full advantage of everything these gyms have to offer. So after trying out a crazy intense bootcamp workout a couple of weeks ago at a new gym, I ran straight to the showers where I finally discovered the shampoo of my dreams. 

The winning product is Sachajuan's Normal Hair Shampoo. Seriously, WTF. How can something clean so well and smell so good. And the conditioner softens my hair in a way that makes this a double WTF (the Shiny Citrus body wash is a win also). I showered at the gym 5 days straight so I could use the shampoo. At $26 bucks for the shampoo and $29 for the conditioner, it ain't cheap. 

It took me a whole month to decide to purchase it. Every time I used any other shampoo, I just got sad. I now just justify it as, I'll never had to buy perfume again because my hair smells so good. Strong justification? Probably not. But when you fall in love you fall in love!