Mecca Cosmetica Lip De Luscious Review

Written by: Danyelle V



Hello, Mecca Cosmetica! This Australian brand is new to me but I have faith in a country that has produced the Hemsworth brothers (#TeamChris).


Mecca Cosmetica’s Lip De Luscious lip protectant has been added to my summer makeup and skin care routine. The first step in my makeup application is always hydration. This process extends to my lips. I apply something to my lips that is going to make them look healthy and full before I apply my makeup to allow the product time to absorb into the lips. The creamy glossy formula comes in a weighted frosted glass jar which gives the product a luxurious feel. What I love most about the product is that it does not feel sticky on the lips. I have very long, wildly unruly hair and it drives me crazy when my hair gets caught on a lip product, especially when I’m driving. Mecca Cosmetica’s packaging for this product claims that it has a pink tint to it and that is untrue. I usually am put off when a company doesn’t deliver on its claims but traditional glosses and lip treatments don’t usually have a color to it. I also didn’t plan on using the product for any color pay off so the overly enthusiastic advertising didn’t bother me this time. I try not to be a brat but I think if you are going to make a claim about a product, you should deliver. This lip protectant is perfect to keep your lips safe from the sun with its SPF level of 25. When the gloss fully melts, your lips a left feeling very plush. Dab off any excess product and apply your favorite lipstick. I also like to use this as a treatment after I exfoliate my lips and as an overnight treatment. Lip De Luscious is quite expensive. $28 for a lip treatment is pretty steep. However, because my lips feel so plump and hydrated after using it, I think it’s worth it. Just leave it at home. We all lose our lip balms all the time. We can’t afford to lose a $28 lip treatment!



This is no pink tint