The Birth of " The Dream Deposit by LAW Beauty Essentials

Article by Tanisha Lawrence The Creator of LAW Beauty Essentials 

Article by Tanisha Lawrence The Creator of LAW Beauty Essentials 

Birth of "The Dream Deposit" 


What colors are trending this year? What are the celebrities wearing? What are the new clothing trends? These questions are constantly running through my mind. I'm always  keeping an eye and an ear to the streets! However, the answers to these questions are not my only determining factors, it's simply what looks nice!

2016 Spring/Summer was all about nudes, metallics, glitters, negative space designs and matte nail polish. 

I decided to focus on metallics. Metallics, depending on the colors, are bright and fun. Perfect for the warm weather and adds edge to your style. A must have in your nail polish collection! 

After finding the perfects shades of metallics, I played around with them and  let my imagination flow. It took me to a dreamy place. I thought of beautiful beaches, paradise, and relaxation. Hence " The Dream Deposit" 

The theme behind my names is to set a mood for each bottle of nail polish. For example: When I look at "Pink Shimmer-ade" I think of a beautiful summer day. A perfect day for a chilled glass of "Lemonade" "Pink Lemonade" that is! I think how fabulous you'd  feel, laying in the shade drinking a glass of "Pink Shimmer-ade" I keep that concept for naming all of my polishes. I let the names come naturally.

All of LAW Beauty Essentials nail polishes are vegan friendly. What does this mean?Most ask. Simply put, it means none of the ingredients used in the formula is tested on animals. No need for animal cruelty for beauty. One shocking fun fact is some glitters/shimmers are made from treated fish scales. In addition LBE is also 5 Free. The world is moving in a more health conscious direction. It's becoming more and more important to look at the little things we seem to bypass on a regular basis. The term 5 Free is used to distinguish nail polishes that     are made with out 5 harsh chemicals that traces back to cancer and other health issues. 

LAW Beauty Essentials mission is to create a healthy nail polish line that is trendy and promotes woman expression, and when we are faced with some of our hardest decisions; choosing your nail color! The names of our polishes are here to help! What are you in the mood for? "2 PM Wine" or "Pink Shimmer-ade"???