Festival Make-up Trends:

Festival Make-up Trends

Urban Decay Electric Palette 49.00

I like to utilize this palette on the eyes on the lips and in the hair. This palette is made up of pressed pigments not shadow. So you get multipurpose you can use it for eyeshadow,wet and use for liquid liner or press into hair and use them hair color. 

BYOB Lippie Stix Colour Pop 6.00

In festival theme Bring Your Own Bottle by Colour Pop is a wash of color for the lip its bold and vibrant and has a smooth texture. I love straying away from super duper matte's when I have intense bright color eye make-up sometimes mattes look hard. Hard is the last thing that comes to my mind when describing tribal make-up 

All Nighter Spray Urban Decay 

I use all nighter because when working with bold colors you don't want them to transfer on clothing or sweat off and this completely water proof's everything.

After recently being featured in Artsy Magazine  in the Culture Issue N17 where I was given a 4 page spread displaying some of my favorite festival styles. I decided to share some of my favorite products I like to get the look. Products I find simple to recreate tribal looks you love that you may see trending on social media. I will also show a few tools I use. I'm finding women using tribal face make-up as an accessory and it really inspires me. No jewelry and tribal makeup headpieces as the accessory. 

There is something about tribal make-up and festivals that reminds me of being fun and care-free. I love colored liner tribal dots and vampish lips. crochet tops, high waisted shorts and slid on's. Theres something about women who can pull off bold make-up thats so intriguing. 

As of Lately I am also noticing cosmetic brands are keeping up with the trends by curating collections that embody the whole tribal festival make-up theme. Time to hide all my credits cards lol. 

Lime Crime Liquid Eyeliner 18.00

I love liquid eyeliner's when creating facial designs. Lime crime are my favorite because of the variety of pastels that they have. For women with deeper complexion. I LOVE to create Tribal Dots in soft blue or in a lime green shade. Orange and Shocking blue I LOVE for wing liner on fair complexions. I also use a traditional # 2 pencil for clean dots.  

Dream Catcher  Duo Chrome Effect Shadow 8.00

I love products that I get for multipurpose use. This chrome shadow can be used on the eyelids underneath your vibrant liner or this can be used on the cheeks as a flush of highlight. Down the nose bone or even on the brow bone. 

Duraline Inglot 11.00

Duraline I SWEAR BY! because with this product I can turn any shadow to gel liner as demonstrated in the opening blog photo. I used chaos from the electric palette and a very thin liner brush with Duraline. The product is extremely concentrated so you don't need lots of product a little goes a very long way. Duraline is also great when using glitter.