Taylor's Little Piece Of Heaven

Written by Twist.it.tea

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Algenist Perfect Clarifying Pore Corrector Mask has found it’s way into my heart.  Not only does it perform but it exceeds my expectations.  I love to use this mask as a little treat, but I notoriously indulge because it simply brings me so much happiness. When you look in the mirror with this face mask on, I hope you see a beautifully crafted terra-cotta masterpiece as well.  Algenist Perfect Clarifying Pore Corrector Mask contains Alguronic Acid and sulfur so it’s important you figure out your skin type and what works for you before you lay down $55 for this product.  I promise you, it will do everything it says: minimize pores, reduce lines, and brighten skin while evening out the skin tone.  It’s a little piece of heaven in beautiful, minimalistic packaging. 

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I really enjoy the whole experience of using this face mask.  From opening the container and seeing this beautiful terra-cotta hue, to the scent and texture, I am treasuring every moment.  I’m greedy so I like to leave this mask on for 30-40 minutes which is way past the recommended 15 minutes.  In my opinion I think the longer you leave it on, the better it works.  But this is all preference because I have more oily skin in the summer, I want this to do it’s job and clean out my pores.  This clay mask texture is unlike anything I’ve used previously. Algenist uses jellified clay as their special formula.  The clay draws out the impurities in your skin, so get ready for that, but I promise you it’s worth it even if you end up with a small blemish. The gel makes sure to hydrate your skin so your left with a saturated feeling post wash. I love the balance of this formula, I get the feeling of a clay mask but the hydration of a gel/water based mask.  As soon as I remove the product I notice immediate results of smaller pores, baby soft skin and hydration so prominent it almost feels like a moisturizer.  I always usually apply it in my T-Zone because it absorbs the oil and dirt right out of my face. That’s why I’ve been obsessed with it this summer, some humid days my face can’t handle the overload of grease/perspiration and I need to reclaim my skin back FAST.  


The terra-cotta hue of this face mask is birthed from the extracted red algae of Hawaii, which is meant to radiate the skin while minimizing the appearance of your pores.  This might be a good time to mention that this mask will leave your sink, and counter tops looking quite scary. But the Scream2 scene will be worth the extra effort.  Especially when you look at yourself in the  mirror afterwards in absolute awe because your skin is hydrated, refreshed and smelling of natural beauty.  This mask has such a wonderful, non describable smell that all I can say is it will make you feel nourished.  It’s natural, subtle and comforting.  The scent alone brings me to a place of serene relaxation, which lingers around long after a scrub.  The act of applying this mask to me, is a form of therapy as I lightly message away impurities.  The acai seeds act as a micro-exfoliant that polish the skin and assist in the process of minimizing of pores.  I love to continue to massage the exfoliants into my face while I'm rinsing it off. Luckily for the price tag ($55 for 2oz), a little goes a long way with this product.  And no matter how little you use, the calming effect of the cooling sensation will always be a constant.  The process of the mask drying and lightly tightening while simultaneously cooling my skin, is that of wonders.  I hate washing this face mask off but I do look at my bare skin in amazement after I dry off.