LUST: MatteTrance Back In Stock!


Take a deep breath and get ready!


We caught this on Pat McGrath's Instagram  and just had to share it with all of you! But, surprise, all of the lipsticks have been restocked!!! Well, minus Skin Show. This brown rose color has been hot and hard to snatch up.


These new images have popped up on the which suggests that this is their new packaging. Will it come concealed in a bag of gold sequin is the real question here. 


This lipstick is truly a collector's item. Without a doubt, it will be featured in a makeup museum one day. When you hold it in your hand, it feels so very luxe and worth every when you wear it. 


This is a lipstick you can not pass on! The formula is unlike any other.

full panic4.jpg

A matte lipstick in a bullet? I'm sure you have your doubts like I did but trust me, set them aside. This is not like what you imaged. The second I swiped this lipstick across my lips, I was hooked. I started with my bottom lip and gasped!!! Not a skip, not a tug, not a patch to be found. FULL COLOR! I was in full panic, which is this colors name btw. 


One thing you are going to learn about me is that I love hot pink, fuchsia, berry shades. They make my skin glow and Full Panic is no different. It is the perfect fuchsia with a blue undertone that doesn't make your teeth look all yellow. 

full panic2.jpg

And have you heard? There are two ways to scroll up the lipstick? There is! If you twist the black base of the lipstick, it twirls up as any other lipstick would. However, if you twist the gold tube, the lipstick comes straight up! It is a genius feature because it means that the metallic gold lips will always be on display. 

full panic.jpg

When you apply the MatteTrance lipstick, it is not totally matte. You can blot it with a tissue to remove any shine. It is comfortable on the lips and the wear down - amazing. It fades to an even stain that looks just like a softer version of the lipstick. This is not the lipstick that moves around and gets all over your face. It's not transfer proof but you won't feel like it's sliding off your lips and onto your teeth. 

All of us at meetpepperb had a major freak out moment when I got featured on Pat McGrath's official instagram page! ME?!?! HOW?!?! I was just goofing on snapchat, put it on my Instagram story and tagged Pat McGrath. Not once did I think that she would ever see it let alone post it on her page.  You can see me in my truest nature here

DO NOT miss out on this lipstick! It is available in 9 shades and in trios!


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