@Glossier Boy Brow Review

Glossier Boy Brow Review 

By Amanda V.

Warning! I am here with yet another Glossier post. I apologize but I just can't get enough and I feel everyone should try them out because they are too good . This time it's the product that started my love affair with this brand. Also it's a makeup product rather than the usual Glossier skincare post. This is the holy grail Brow product that I absolutely cannot live without. Behold the great and powerful "Boy Brow" Brow Pomade. 


Let me just say this, This is NOT your average Brow gel boy!!! This tinted wax formula MAGICALLY mimics those full gorgeous brows of that beautiful boy from my freshman class in college who had the most gorgeous brows (and face) I've ever seen but that's a whole other story.


Its no secret huge fan of untouched, full, model off duty, Brooke Shields-esque brows (circa "The Blue Lagoon") She has ALWAYS been my ultimate BROWSPIRATION. I myself had pretty much always had a full brow. I've had a few mishaps in recent years, that I no longer trust anyone with my brows. You will always catch me slathering on Jamaican castor oil to get them back to their fullest. I stressed my brow sorrows until I came across the Boy Brow. 

Say goodbye to crunchy, stiff, wet, painted on brows for me. Although the clean and perfect "Instagram" brow can be beautiful, it is simply not my cup of tea. I'm more of a full and feathered kind of girl. The wonderful, conditioning wax formula of the Glossier Boy Brow keeps my brows full and in place without the flakes that some Brow gels tend to leave. This sheer pigments in this magnificent little tube will give you the illusion of a fuller thicker, natural brow. The formula is smooth and creamy that the want glides over my brow hairs with each feathery up and out stroke. The magical tiny wand brush is a dream to work with and helps control the application of the product as you shape and set your brows. This pomade has uber conditioning let ingredients like Oleic Acid to nourish and moisturize and Atelocollegento condition and strengthen the brow hair's fibers. So you're pretty much treating your brows with some TLC as you fluff it up. 

The Boy Brow like most Glossier products is great for sensitive skin. I didn't have tiny breakouts like some brow gels tend to give and claims to be for all skin types. It is also hypoallergenic, ophthalmologist tested, dermatologist tested so I think it's pretty good to go for all skin types. 

If you're oily, you should definitely give this product a go. I used it most of this past hot and humid summer when my skin is more on the oily side and it would last a full work day and then some. 


This tiny tube retails for $16 on the Glossier website. Although tiny, a little goes a VERY long way and would last you quite some time. It comes in 3 very sheer, workable shades (Blonde, Brown and Black). Grab this gem while you can because they are in high demand and frequently sell out, especially Brown and Black). The bigger the brow the badder you are. Own your fluffiness. Thank me later and go make Cara Delevingne proud.