Terra bronzer by Tom ford review

Written by Christine .Q

It is the end of summer. No more Summer Fridays, the Museum of Ice Cream in New York is gone, and no more bronzy glow. Well, wait. That last part wasn't true. It might be a little bit harder to get a nice natural tan going under your fall clothes, but you can definitely still get some bronze going via the magic of make-up! Let me share with you my favorite bronzer. I think I've written about Tom Ford a gazillion times already on meetPepperB.com. Let's finish off the series with one of my favorite projects from his line and one of my favorite products of all time: the Bronzer Powder in Terra. I use this baby year round because a) it's freaking gigantic and I will never run out b) it's amazing. It's the perfect shade, not too orange, with a slight gray undertone that blends beautifully. Not to mention, it's completely matte so you won't look like a dirty disco ball. I like to use this to contour and after powdering, a light dust all over to give some color. 


How much do I love it? It was by my side on my wedding.