Ole Henriksen Invigorating Night treatment & Grease Relief Facial Water Review

Written by Deanna P

Who is Ole Henriksen?  Imust be hiding under rock because, had absolutely no idea & now for some reason after receiving some of his products to review he is popping up everywhere.   To answer the question he is a Scandinavian skincare expert who was born in Denmark & who has devoted his life to skincare & cosmetic chemistry. 


He started his career as a dancer & model & developed cystic acne, was cured, & developed a passion for skincare.  He went to the College of Beauty in London & upon graduation he opened Ole Henriksen of Denmark skincare center in Beverly Hills.  He becamevery well known appearing on talk shows, writing books, & eventually being recognized as the skincare guru to the stars. He launched his first line in 1980 & was bought by LVMH in 2011 making his skincare brand prosper globally.  As of today, Sephora is his #1 retail partner & he refers to it “as a marriage made in heaven”. His products are supposed to make you be able to experience the spa experience at home. I tried two of his products below: 

Ole Henriksen

Invigorating Night Treatment

overnight resurfacer

SIZE 1.7 oz/ 50 mL $48.00

A lightweight facial gel to make your complexion look more youthful.   It works to seal in vitamins & minerals & diminish fine lines, wrinkles,  & smooth texture.  The product contains no parabens, sulfates, or phthalates & is vegan.  

To use, at night, apply to clean face, neck & decolete &follow with a moisturizer

Ole Henriksen

Grease Relief™ Facial Water

Size’ SIZE 4 oz $22.00

A facial mist that purifies & mattifys the skin with an herbal botanical blend of lactic acid, golden seal, & hops extract.   This is recommendedfor oily or combination skin.   It solves the problem of oiliness & uneven texture/dullness.  The product contains no parabens, sulfates, or phthalates.

To use, mist 5 sprays onto a cotton pad & smooth on a dry face in a circular motion.  

I really like both of these products.  They really did mimic a spa like facial on my skin.   The night treatment was much more needed for my skin as I do have fine line & wrinkles.  I did see a slight improvement after a week & I feel with more treatment I will be more than satisfied with the results.  

The grease relief went on my skin & definitely felt amazing, but my skin is more dry than oily so it is not the optimal product for my skin type.  I do believe if you had these skin types, you would be satisfied with the results as the products seemed to get positive online feedback.  The prices were fair & the product is a good value.  A professional facial at a spa these days is at least $90 & these products both together were substantially less than that.  With Ole Henriksen’s experience & passion for skincare, I do believe in his products & would definitely purchase in the future.


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