Origins Clear Improvement Mask Review

I love giving myself a mini facial. One of the steps I like to include is a deep cleansing mask. The Origins Clear Improvements mask is exactly what I’m looking for to get rid of gunk that clogs up my pores. Most of the year, I have normal to combination skin. In the summer, my nose and chin get oily. The sticky summer heat makes the pores on my nose open up like canyons. I know that’s to be expected but it ain’t cute and I’m actually pretty self-conscious of what I call my pickled nose. Other times of the year, I adore my tiny nose. She’s cute! I remind myself that, on the whole, I’m very lucky to have good skin and that my obsession with skincare and beauty is a choice. My heart goes out to people who dislike their skin and feel a societal pressure to make their skin ‘better.’ It is important to keep in mind that skincare is very personal and even people with similar skin types will be effected differently by the same product. Always do a small patch test on your arm when testing out a product to test if you have an allergy to the product.







Origins’ Clear Improvements mask uses charcoal to give the skin a deep cleanse. For the best results, I like to run a clean wash cloth under warm water and then place it over my face. The warmth and steam from the wash cloth will help open my pores. I then place a few small dots on my nose and chin then blend out the clay to an even thin layer. While you apply the mask, you will feel a slightly tingling sensation on your face. I like that feeling on my nose. As it dries, the mask will tighten to a point where you can’t freely move your face. When the mask has dried, usually about 15 minutes, I wet the wash cloth again with warm water and place it on my skin where the mask has dried for about 20 seconds. This helps to rehydrate the clay for an easy clean up. The clay will slide right off. If you’ve done a mud or clay mask before, you know that getting it off can take some time. If you’re impatient, like me, you’ll probably end up tugging and dragging your skin which helps no one. After I’ve removed all traces of the mask, I follow through with the rest of my at home facial: cleanse, exfoliate, a hydrating sheet mask, serum, and moisturizer.


This charcoal mask works really well to give your skin a fresh start and tighten your pores. It is recommended to be used once a week but, again, skincare is personal. Avoid over using this mask as well as leaving it on your skin for more than 20 minutes when in use because it can dry out your skin. You’ll notice if you’ve left it on too long because your skin will get slightly itchy. When trying out a new mask, it is important to listen to your skin and react to avoid irritating your skin. My cheeks are susceptible to dryness so I avoid using this mask on them. I use this mask to spot treat hormonal pimples that pop up on my chin and forehead every so often. While it doesn’t remove the pimple, it has helped to reduce their size




This mask is available in three sizes with prices ranging from $4 to $26. If you’re looking to just give this mask a try without making a long term commitment to the product, pick up the pod sized mask (.34oz) which is good for two or three uses. This mask is worth testing out. It has helped keep my skin looking great, especially in the humid months.





Available at Sephora; .34oz, $4; 1.7oz, $17; 3.4oz, $26

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