KVD Studded Kiss Lipstick Review

Kat Von D broke the mold when she launched her Studded Kiss lipstick collection at Sephora. She scratched out her previous lipstick formula, kept her ‘cult favorite’ colors, and added more shades and finishes to the range. Anyone who follows all things makeup, knows that if you want a lipstick that is going to standup and shout, you head to the Kat Von D tower at Sephora. No matter your tastes or styles, with nearly 40 shades to choose from and three different finishes, you are going to find the lipstick that speaks to all of your personalities: professional, casual, rebel! Yo. Packaging. It’s so beautiful and unique! Dozens of glossy black studs on the lipstick tube makes you feel so glamorously edgy when you apply it. The sticker on the bottom of the tube matches the lipstick shade too, which, as you know, is one of my favorite things! The lipstick also has a soft sweet smell to it that fades once the lipstick is on.

KVD Gothica

Gothica is a one of a kind coppered bronze shade. The base for this lipstick is a reddish brown and is packed with chunky rusty gold and yellow gold glitters. Metallic lips are in! Matte lipsticks are a tricky formula to master but Kat Von D has put the work in to perfect her formula. This shade glides on at full color with the first pass across your lips. Lipsticks with chunky glitter tend to leave a gritty feeling on your lips, however, that isn’t true for this lipstick. It is a smooth finish that is comfortable and velvety. A creamy matte lipstick won’t dry down, so it will transfer and fade throughout the day or after eating. Just toss this gorgeously packaged lipstick in your bag before you head out the door and reapply as needed. Though the lipstick shade will fade, the glitters cling to your lips. To completely remove the lipstick and glitters, use your favorite makeup remover. I find that oil cleansers work the best and are very gentle on the lips.  



Gothica atop of Colourpop’s Chilly Chili


If you are not super into the metallic trend, no pressure, it’s just makeup! Have fun! To tone down the glitter, use your fingers to apply the shade to get the pigmentation of the base with a splash of some glitter. Gothica pairs really well when layered atop of matte brown lipsticks. My favorite combination thus far is to apply Colourpop’s Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick in Chilly Chili ($6) and add Gothica to the center of my lips then lightly blend toward the corners of my mouth. I’ve added some shades from the collection that could be fun to try out if Gothica isn’t for you. The Studded Kiss Lipstick collection by Kat Von D is one to commit to memory. Some of the shades are so popular, they quickly sell out after they’ve been restocked. So mark your calendars, set your alarms, and pick up some shades that will suit any and every occasion you have to attend.




Some shades suggestions:

Cathedral: matte rosy brown to help you take down the work day

Countess: matte orange red to your next concert

Coven: bright matte lavender to make you feel like a pastel gothic princess

Nayeon: black w/ silver shimmer so you can style on ‘em like Missy Elliot and Foxy Brown in the mid-90s

Chula: warm sienna just because of the name and I am ;)


Product Rating:5 stars

Available at Sephora; $21

Product Photo from Sephora.com

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