Best Mac Reds for Summer ( Product Review )

MAC Reds Written By Christine .Q

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I love seeing red lipstick on a woman. Versatile and speaks to so many different looks whether you're going for classy, glamorous, and lady-like or a bad girl who doesn't give an eff. When you wear red lipstick, it means you have something to say. It screams or whispers, "Look at me, I'm speaking." Even though I own a range of reds from Tom Ford to Revlon, I find that if you're new to red lipstick, the best brand to start with is MAC. One thing that I will say about these red lipsticks from MAC is that while they all have excellent color pay off, but are a bit on the try side. I would make sure to exfoliate and moisturize before apply. Make sure that your lip balm isn't glossy or blot before applying the lipstick. After applying, put a dab of lip balm (do not smear it on, or you'll change the texture to glossy) and press lips together. 


Let's start with the universal red: Ruby Woo.  A beautiful matte red that looks great on everyone. It has a cool undertone and pops on every skin tone. Classic and retro but also great for a rock concert. 


Next on the list is Dangerous It's a matte orange red that is perfect for summer. I would say it's a little more fun than Ruby Woo.



Last but not least, the most orange of them all, Lady Danger. I love this lipstick because while it's orangey, it doesn't make you look like a clown and easy to wear. 

All three colors definitely pulls a look together not matter what style you're going for. I give these lipsticks a 4 because they're a little bit drying, but the pigment is phenomenal.