Tartelette Product Review

Review By Christine. Q

I normally eschew eyeshadow palettes. I find that I only hit pan on one or two colors and the rest of the palette is largely left unused.

I'm picky about eyeshadows. Consistency, texture, and longevity are key for me. Get an eyeshadow that isn't pigmented enough you'll end up scraping it off the pan. Get one that's too powdery, well, have fun trying to get the loose shadow off your face without smearing the rest of your make-up. Normally, I would say, build your own collection with all different types of shadows, but if you did have to buy one catch-all palette, it would be the ones from Tarte.  I've been hooked on Tarte palettes since I first invested in the limited edition ones that they release every year around Christmas time. Since we're in the middle of the year, I'll share my other favorite: the Tartelette Amazonian Clay Matte Eyeshadow Palette. What a mouthful! I love this palette because I use every single color. It is so versatile, you can use it for daytime, romantic, or even dramatic looks. For daytime, I usually sweep the color Wanderer (light brown) on my lid and line with the color Bombshell (dark plum).For a romantic look, I will use the entire middle row to create a soft rosy look that really highlights my brown eyes.  For a dramatic look, I will use the entire top row and fashionista (black shadow) to create a brown smokey eye. The great thing about this palette is that ll of the colors blend together well and have a beautiful texture. If you're into selfie's, they also photograph well!