5 Products You Need On Your Next Trip To Trader Joe's

5 Products You Need On Your Next Trip To Trader Joe's 

I live in trader joe's and my time is limited. Going grocery shopping we normally speed in with a list and try to grab everything we need before the weekend crowd hits. In the past I've hated purchasing any body or skincare from a supermarket because it is extremely over priced. 

Trader Joe's Jojoba oil

This can be used for the face to remove make-up to unclog your pores and for hydrating the skin. Jojoba oil fights acne and also acts as an inflammatory. This can be used on the cuticles as well. One of the most popular benefits is that it helps minimize pores and stretch marks.


Tea Tree Oil Trader Joe's

Tea Tree oil works amazing for dry skin. Treat oil also works really good as a scalp treatment. This helps to fight feet fungus found common on men. This will help diminish the fungus as well as sooth the itch. Tea tree oil helps for insect bites during the summer and is great for congestion and respiratory infections. 

Coconut Body Butter Trader Joe's 

This body butter is enriched with Coconut oil, Shea butter and Vitamin E this sounds like the perfect recipe for amazing skin. This body butter is great from head to toe use. Coconut body butter smells great with all natural fragrance. The fragrant smell isn't too overwhelming which is perfect if you wear perfume or cologne. Yes! cologne this is unisex and works great for men! 

Lavender Salt Scrub

Lavender is the most soothing way to end the night. The lavender fragrance is calming so I suggest this with a nighttime bath or shower. If you are someone who frequents the gym this will help with your bones after a long workout. Salt scrubs are also amazing for exfoliating the dead skin from your body. The grains aren't that large so it wont be extremely abrasive to the skin. 

Vitamin E Oil Trader Joes

This is by far my favorite product on the list. The price point is extremely economical and it has a long shelf life for everyday use. The texture is amazing. I use this as my daily body moisturizer and this has improved the overall texture of my skin as a whole.