Apartment Violet : Candles. Skincare. Body


I have an obsession with candles, I could never own too many. This is a home staple for me. I try various brands this one I like because its homemade. I Love the smell of it. I love that it has a natural sent and it doesn't smell to fragrant. In celebration of women below is a an article from the creator Apartment Violet about her homemade business. Violet Apartment doesn't stop at just candles there is skincare and body care . The all over body balm is one of my favorite products for travel or to carry in your purse. I use this balm for lips face body and for cuticles. 

Apartment Violet : Candles. Skincare. Body

My name is Cindy Recile and I am the creator and owner of Apartment Violet a Candle, Skincare, and Art shop. 

Since I was younger, creating art and substance that represented and belonged to me was always important and essential. My brain has always been hungry to learn different skills in artistry and I am always researching and perfecting different channels in creative growth. Apartment Violet represents the harvest of a refined artisan practice with humble beginnings and attentive passion. 

For years I have worked in the beauty industry in different retail stores in New York City. I have always had a strong interest in Skincare and Fragrance, but popular items in that category had a very BRANDED feel with high price points not flexible for everyone’s budget. I wanted to create a product that was more relatable and with sensible pricing while still providing luxury and quality.
I think that consumers of 2016 are demanding more competitive pricing and the focus on designer names are fading. I have seen a surge of market interest in Local business, Underground Brands, Artisan crafts, homemade products focusing on organic and eco-friendly ingredients. Consumers are searching for products that are unique, bespoke, and have their own story. 

I represent one of many local artisans in New York City that strive to create a unique experience with quality products produced in small batches. There is no machine’s creating my line. Each individual candle and skincare item has been hand poured with a lot of time, precision, and passion invested. 

Apartment Violet features high quality scents that stand out from the rest with a budget friendly price point. Our shop is perfect for gifts, home decor, or simply if you are looking to self-indulge. My products are eco-friendly with a natural base. Each candle creation evokes scents that stem from memories in my personal experience, from the warm cozy tones of Georgia Peach in my Sundays Candle to the sheer green tranquility of Blue Spruce and Grass in our Day Off Candle. Our candle names have personality and our product will bring you to an elevated atmosphere. 

My skincare collection has been a staple ingredient that I have used for years to combat imbalanced skin and a promote a healthy glow. I am a big fan of multi-use and my balm functions great for face, body, and hair. 

Apartment Violet’s journey has started off as a late night project in my kitchen to some wonderfully created products. Check us out online now at www.aptviolet.com and learn more about our story and brand.