Boscia Skincare Review

You’re never too old to become younger – Mae West.

When selecting my skincare, I always start with the intent to actually try it. We are all guilty of buying something cosmetic trying it 3 days and complaining when it doesn’t work.

Skin takes a little time to adjust to new products. Skin also takes time to stop the way it reacts from the former products you’ve been using.


My skincare routine has been much more mild and my skin has been amazing as a result. Skin naturally repairs it self so don’t be too abrasive and interfere with the process. I don’t use a Clarisonic anymore and believe it or not with consistency my skin is in the best shape it’s ever been.  I am not saying to throw your hard earned money in the trash. This is my personal preference and I am extremely happy with the results.

I use the mask one a week or before I am headed to a special occasion.  The cleanser I use night and day as well as the moisturizer.


See below my current system:

Luminizing Black Mask $ 34 US

Detoxifying Black Cleanser $ 28 US:

Revitalizing Black Hydration Gel $ 34 US: