Spring Beauty & Hair Trends 2016


Beauty and make-up is an epidemic right now, Being make-up savvy is at an all time high. Expect to see perfect complexion now more then ever. Women are perfecting their application and educating themselves on contouring and strobing and wearing this everyday.

Neon’s have made its way back.  I can probably shoot myself now for selling my favorite neon Saint Laurent pumps on eBay! But one thing for sure with make-up and fashion repetition is constant. Here are some recommendations on products and nail colors I put together for spring. 

I like neon’s in moderation. I don’t suggest wearing all of your Neon’s at once however; it’s the perfect pop when wearing all solid colors.

Con Limon by Floss Gloss 8US


Funny Face Nars 28US

Electric Palette Urban Decay 49US

Ombre Blush NYX 10US


All though braids are a current trend lets not do it too much. Braids are really cool and I don’t want this trend to be over done *crossing fingers*

Expect to see the following trends for hair this spring:

Pulled Back Twist Slick back ponytail with twisted bun.

Hair Jewelry Gem headbands and hair clips.

Bold Bangs Bold loose bangs are always a good statement and have made their way back for spring.

Braid it Up This is trending whether straight in sections or wrapped around.