Floss All Season: Owners of Floss Gloss

Janine, Co-Owner of Floss Gloss

Janine, Co-Owner of Floss Gloss

What inspired the creation of Floss Gloss nail polish?

  • Janine: Floss Gloss was created out of a necessity. Aretha and I needed our own line because we had so many pet peeves about what was readily available to us; ugly packaging, bad formula, misleading color from the bottle to nail.
  • Aretha: The need.

Where are you from?

  • Janine: Coronado, CA, but I am a military brat and have lived all over the country.
  • Aretha: Austin, Texas

Favorite  childhood hobby?

  • Janine: Being at the beach or just being outside. Loved being outside, bike riding, and arts and crafts. I was heavy into all sorts of crafts as a kid; knitting, painting, friendship bracelets, nail art (Klutz junkie basically)
  • Aretha: Running amuck

"But they don't want that, they want that bout it bout it shit"

What sparked your interest for nail art?

  • Janine: Like I mentioned, I was a Klutz kid. Someone gave me the Nail Art Book as a pre-teen and I became obsessed! It really sparked my nail art passion and I was already into arts and crafts. I kind of lost touch with nails when I went to college, just so overwhelmed with work, until I met Aretha! She really re-invigorated my passion and I was back doing nails and nail art with her and my roommates in my junior/senior years at CCA (California College of the Arts).
  • Aretha: The lack of colors and Janines passion.

Who is your muse? 

  • Janine: Honestly, no muse. I pull inspiration from strong women in business and fashion, music, and art, but I really do not have a single muse. I think because Aretha and I are our own demographic we become the muses.
  • Aretha: Master P, Danzig, Stone Cold Steve Austin

If you could use 3 words to describe Floss Gloss what would it be?

  • Janine: Excessive, color(full) and creative.
  • Aretha: Excessive, lavish, innovative

What color polish would you wear on a first date and why?

  • Janine: I would recommend Fast Lane (neon red) or Dinge (dirty pink) - neon red like Fast Lane is passionate and exciting. Dinge is tamer, a pastel dirty pink that is sophisticated and professional,  but still a little different and dingy. Close runner up's would be : Tanlines, Wavepool, Picnic or Biscuits.
  • Aretha: Wavepool, Boys Like Blue, It's Accessible and They're Slow.

What nail style is your favorite?

  • Janine: For shape, long square nails are always a classic! Recently I've been wearing a 'coffin' or tapered square. Thanks to Vanity Projects to pushing me into that shape, I feel so lady-like.
  • Aretha: Pierced

Biggest challenge being apart of the nail industry?

  • Janine: The biggest challenge is running the business side as well as staying creative and forward in the nail industry. Aretha and I are still the only two employees.
  • Aretha: Being tiny.

What inspires your names for your polish colors?

  • Janine: The colors themselves, the inspiration for the collection or the mood of the polish.
  • Aretha: Anything.
Aretha, Co-Owner of Floss Gloss

Aretha, Co-Owner of Floss Gloss

What polish best describes your personality?

  • Janine: Tough! Either Wet or Stun.
  • Aretha: Con Limon because I can be sour but I'm sweet in the end.

What is your favorite song to play while you're primping? 

  • Janine: In a perfect world the best line up of MTV Jams. Like my favorite motivator to hit the club, but if it's just music, HBK Gang, DJ Mustard anything or our homies Till Team 6 in Oakland. TT6 has amazing djs/homies [Neto187, SoWhat, Nano] and the SWERVE mixes are my favorite - still.
  • Aretha: Great question. Clirith Ungol- Edge of a Knife, Iron Maiden- Running, Gangsta Boo- Still Gangsta, Trina- Reach Out

Where do you see Floss Gloss in 5 years?

  • Janine: Still in business and with increased sales and nationwide distribution. And of course being on top of the cult nail polish brands. I just want to win. 
  • Aretha: With way more colors and retailers, hopefully doing the same thing but better.

What nail polish trend do you hate?

  • Janine: TEXTURED! Just rub your nails in kitty litter right before it dries. I can't stand the texture trend.
  • Aretha: Matte finish, sorry ladies I like to gloss.

Who is your favorite nail artist?

  • Janine: This is really tough! Been following and in love with Spifster before tumblr was really tumblr. I love Christina Rinaldi aka Prima her style is amazing and so clean - I love it. Gah there are so many I love! Britney Tokyo, Regina Rodriquez, Natalie Minerva, Stephanie Stone, Sophy Robson, Whitney Gibson. I'm such a fiend.
  • Aretha: Brit Tokyo, Nailswag, Spifster, Nailsyall, Holly Falcone, I love em all doin it.

"...I was a Klutz kid. Someone gave me the Nail Art Book as a pre-teen and I became obsessed! It really sparked my nail art passion..."

What inspires your seasonal campaigns?

  • Janine: Anything from music, nature, pop culture, fashion. Really it's what Aretha and I are feeling and really wanting to explore and get it out to the public.
  • Aretha: Whatever comes up that got it.

What is your most memorable accomplishment with Floss Gloss?

  • Janine: So far, having vogue request to meet with us. 
  • Aretha: Doing a color with Gangsta Boo of Three Six Mafia

One quote you live by?

  • Janine: This quote by the Dali lama has really stuck with me. "Man: because he sacrifices his health in order to make money. The he sacrifices money to recuperate his health. And then he is so anxious about the future that he does not enjoy the present; the result being that he does not live in the present or the future; he lives as if her is never going to die, and then dies having never really live.
  • Aretha: "But they don't want that, they want that bout it bout it shit" -Master P