Blending Beauty: She's Ryan

"I want the world to see me as a leader. Someone who started from nothing and gained everything from experience, hard work, trial and error...the goal is to inspire."

With a raw, distinctly polished voice, married to bold, provocative lyrics set in the most sexy, fresh look, it's not hard to tell why She's Ryan aka SIR is a force to be reckoned within today's entertainment industry. The 23 year old former photographer, current model and actress is emerging as a vibrant singer-songwriter creating spunk, hard hitting upbeat pop/rock/R&B. She's Ryan boasts many talents that set her apart from her contemporaries and her brand SIR reveals the blueprint for domination. She's Ryan has quickly transitioned from a sharp shooter behind the lens into a multi-talented artist that rocks the stage with dance moves that would have anyone mesmerized. With buzzing music that quickly catched fire, such as her recently released feature with Mad Decent artist, The Party Squad "I'M ABOUT TO KILL", She's Ryan has proven that she can stand strong among many genres of music. 

She is published in articles (online/print) such as Inked Magazine, The Source, and Vibe vixen to name a few. She's Ryan has also been a host to the biggest festival in NYC, AfroPunk. With a degree from NYC's most creative institute, Pratt. She's Ryan not only graces the stage but creative directs her entire brand. She has made great strides with her recently released debut music videos for entitled "WHOA", "SIR" and "NEVER GROWING UP". In addition, she is currently laying the finishing touch on her upcoming EP and has consistently performed in New York City, Boston, Connecticut, and other areas in the Northeast region. Whether it's her original sound, edgy lyrics or high energy sultry performance, she is an amazing multi faceted talent that adds a breath of fresh air to today's musical landscape. One thing is certain, once you've caught a glimpse of She's Ryan, it's completely clear to see that a true store is born!

What is your favorite feature? My favorite feature are my eyes. Or people's eyes in general.

When do you feel most beautiful? I feel most beautiful after the gym. After I've had the most intense workout, and I sit in the sauna and sweat out all of the toxins from my body. My skin is naturally flushed with a red undertone and i look like I'm glowing! It's weird, but i feel most beautiful with a natural glow.

What beauty trend do you hate currently taking place? I love the concealer trend that's happening. You kow, highlight your t-zone using a light concealer than your natural skin color, then sculpt into your face with a darker color to contour....I get it, it's fun but when done incorrectly, it looks absolutely horrible. I believe this beauty trend is absolutely gorgeous when done the right way.

What tattoo do you have that's most symbolic to you? The tattoo that is most symbolic to me is the hanya mask on my right arm. I got it when I was 19, working in a tattoo shop, and my boss at the time (who also taught me how to do tattoos), sat me down and gave me my first tattoo. It was 5 hours long and the only reason I wanted it, was because he has the same exact mask on the same arm as well. I look up to im so much, so I feel connected to him through this piece. Thanks JAZ.

If Ryan was a lipstick, what color would it be? Matte Black

You have the most amazing abs, what is your workout routine like? Thank you! I run, run, and run some more! I am a big fan of being outdoors. I love it, the fresh air, the sun, people watching. So I literally get up and run a few miles a day. If I don't run, I go to bootcamp fitness training classes 3-4 times a week, where we work full body and run. I'm a big fan of squats, lunges (all while having weights in hands of course), and planks. These workouts work your whole body, so instead of just doing boring sit ups, you're becoming completely fit and gaining a six pack all at the same time!



What is your skincare regimen like? I'm really simple. I exfoliate in the morning with an apricot scrub. After the scrub I use natures toner. A product that I've used for years to keep an even complexion, witch hazel. At night after washing off all the makeup, I make sure to moisturize my face with vitamin e oil, avocado oil, olive oil, or coconut oil. The reason for this is because these oils don't clog your pores like say a cocoa butter would. They also naturally help with complexion, and can be used on the whole body. It's great.

Biggest misconception about you? Of course, because of the tattoos, colorful hair, piercings...I am judged beforehand as someone weird, or sketchy. Like I won't be able to engage in intellectual or even casual conversation because 'I'm strange'. I was once hired to speak on a panel to younger women aspiring to be music artists, and was told by the person who hired me...once you start speaking, everyone's views on you change. 

I didn't take offense to it but it just reminded me that unfortunately, people will always judge, ignorance is alive and well and to always remind myself personally... 'never judge a book by its cover'.

What beauty trend do you love? The natural cut crease with a subtle cat eye! I love! It can make even the smallest eyes look like big beautiful almond shaped eyes. It's great. 

Who was your childhood beauty muse? Aaliyah

Who is your current muse? I have a few women who physically intrigue me. The one who's gotten my attention the most is FKA Twigs.

What are your 5 favorite makeup products you are currently using? 

  1. NYX liquid liner
  2. Sponge Beauty Blender
  3. Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Kit
  4. Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Plate
  5. Make Up Forever tinted primer for when I'm putting on shadow and want it to last all day long.

What accessory can you not be caught dead without? I love my rings!

If you have only 15 minutes to leave your house and could do one beauty step and grab one accessory what would it be? The one beauty step would be filling in my eyebrows with a nice full, natural, looking eyebrow. I look younger and a lot more polished. Of course the accessory would be my rings!

What accomplishment thus far has changed your life? The accomplishment that changed my life was when my unreleased song, "Trouble" was played on MTV's new reality show "House of Food". Since then I've gained new fans, gotten recognized by people at MTV, and have been on the radar of more people who can present more life changing opportunities to me. It was super exciting.

What quote do you live by? Be grateful for all that you have NOW, because without appreciating what is already here, it is impossible to receive anything else.

What's to come in the future for Ryan? The EP is dropping! My self titled EP "SIR" will be released at the top of the year. It will include six songs, and a bonus track.