Glam Glow Supermud Clearing Treatment Review

Written by Ada. H 

glamglow clearing treatment review.jpg

The smaller letters underneath the product name state, "Supermud Clearing Treatment". They really weren't kidding. Super poreless skin. I love everything about it.  It comes out a dark gray cream and when you rub it onto your face you're taken aback like wtf? Because in this mask is a little ingredient that looks like black flakes of I don't know what! It's awesome!  Is this what supermud looks like? I googled some of the ingredients. It could be teaoxi, volcanic pumice rock sediments, or french sea clay particles. I don't know, but these all sound like good things to me.  This mask was once available only to the Hollywood stars, but as all good things you can't keep it from the masses! We shall get our grimy hands on this and be poreless! Yeah! 


It smooths on your face like a creamy dream and starts to dry almost instantly! The clay mask will turn a true dark gray color once dried, but you'll be able to see darker black spots popping up all over the mask as it dries. What are those? That's the mask seeping into your pore holes to pull the crap out of your face! It's marvelous darling, oh so marvelous!  I've tried a bunch of face masks before and this is my favorite! This beats Origins' Charcoal Mask right out of the water!

Gimme gimme gimme. This comes with a hefty price tag though at $69 a pop. 

But that's the cost of cleaning out your pores, you dirty girl. Well paid and well played, Hollywood. That's the price of looking like a star, and a star you shall look.