Ceramidin Nanoskin Sheet Mask by Dr. Jart+ Review

Written by Ada H 

The new Korean facial mask craze looks crazy indeed! It's a fabric-like mask that has all these enzymes that you lay on your face. The mask has all the appropriate holes cut out for your eyes, nose, and mouth already. You just have to position it correctly and slap it on.  You look like something out of a halloween store!  It's funny, cool, and scary all at the same time.


I've tried different brands and different purposes of these Korean masks. By purpose I mean, one could be for oil control, another hydration, another for pimples, etc. for all problems that plague our skin. This time I tried out Ceramidin by Dr. Jart+. (Which is a little funny - "jart". Look this up on urbandictionary.com. I dare you, this is for the strong willed and definitely NSFW.)  Out of all the skin care products I've tried. This is definitely a strong No, never again.  


The soul purpose of this mask is for rehydration. When I took it out of the packaging, it was covered in what looked like a mixture between runny lotion and milk. (Also, reminded me of what your boyfriend spills out when he's happy teehee). A lot of other brands for these masks actually have it on a plastic sheet where you just peel it off like a sticker and put it on your face. Easy peasy. This one was folded up into an unrecognizable shape and I had to peel it open bit by bit. It was not user friendly and I was left to my own wits. Once I got it open, I positioned it onto my face and let it soak for the allotted time of about 15-20 mins. I read the directions and it said after you take the mask off to wipe away and pat the rest of the milky residue into your skin to help hydrate it even further. Yes my skin was soft and supple, but it also left this film of something I don't even know how to describe, except that it was less than desirable. I went ahead and put my makeup on for the day over it, and I just felt like I was walking around with an extra layer of a lotion of ghosts past. It was weird. I didn't like it.


Onto the next one. Like my men.