@Hudabeauty Lip Contour Set Review

Written By Pepper.B 


I'm honestly probably the last person who should be reviewing a lip product at the moment. Due to my lack of enthusiasm when it comes to lips and application, I haven't been to thrilled about lip color. I am all about playing up my eyes which I've been doing a lot lately. I have been rocking super natural lip colors. This very day I still don't prefer a bold eye and bold lip on myself at the same time. Earlier This week while attempting to hide my cash from myself to prevent me from shopping at sephora. FAIL! I stumbled across "The Lip Contour Kit" in sephora at World Trade Center. I had to snag this because I wasn't sure when the opportunity would prevent itself again. I mean stumbling across Huda Beauty in Sephora is like seeing a UFO with an exception to the lashes and even those are hard to find sometimes. 

This kit includes a full sized lip pencil along with 2 mini lips. The miniature sizes of the lipsticks are actually a really good sizes and I think this is an awesome gift year round not just for holiday season! The kit Values at 24.00 dollars and is more personable then a gift card. HA! 

Lip liner: Vixen Deep burgundy shade

Liquid Lip: Vixen Deep burgundy shade

Liquid Lip: Famous Deep Matte Brown  

Refer to Images below:

There are several options in this kit. This was my choice and my favorite. I am super picky when it comes to nudes so I would prefer not to have a pre-made set. If you have tried palette let us know what you think by responding below!