Cover FX Custom Cover Drops Review

Cover FX Custom Cover Drops Review 

By Amanda V. 


his innovative little bottle of pure perfected liquid pigments is an absolute game changer. Yes, I am slightly late to the party but I'm here nonetheless. This product, Not to be used alone, is perfect for creating your own foundation, tinted moisturizer or BB cream. You have control of how sheer or full you want your your coverage to be. The results you end up with is BOMB!! 





The concentrated drops are thin enough to perfectly mix with any primer, moisturizer or serum as well as adding more pigment to any other base like foundation or BB Cream to bump up the coverage but without the heavy cakiness. The pigments contain a biochemically skin-like ingredient (lecithin) giving you a seamless, flawless finish and leaving you with that "your skin but better" look that we all know I favor. I tried the drops a couple of different ways. If you use a serum or oil (I used Josie Marian Argan Oil with 2 Custom Cover drops) your skin would end up with the most hydrated, luminous finish, which would be incredible for the winter months. I also tried it with My Glossier Priming Moisturizer and it gave me the most stunning dewy, radiant finish. I think this could possibly be my new go-to base. I am definitely keeping these drops in my everyday makeup bag. 




The Cover FX Custom Cover Drops is a product I'd use especially when I go away on a tropical vacation or during the Summer months when I have a tan and don't match any of my foundations. I would get these drops a shade (or 2, depending on the shade of my tan) darker so that I can alter the shade of all of the foundations I already own to match my sunkissed skin.The only con about this product is the packaging, but it's more of a personal preference kind of thing. The slender Dark, glass bottle is great, I just absolutely loathe the dropper. I wanted to throw it across the bathroom multiple times. I'd rather carefully pour out a small drop which is what I found myself doing. With this product, you only get 0.5oz for $44. Although it's half the amount of the average foundation which is usually 1oz, being that it's super concentrated and you would only need 1-2 Drops of product at most for a full face, you get twice the amount of product so its like having 1oz of product (or more depending on how many drops you'd use). This is a complete steal for the amount of product you get as well as the quality because this little bottle of concentrated pure pigment is ACE!!! I definitely recommend, especially to anyone who wants to play around and create their own perfect base with their ideal coverage.