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For a girl who has had extra long hair nearly her whole life, transitioning to a bob was a big change. But I needed to make it. I had been sitting on dozens of saved photos in my phone of the perfect bob. I even went to wig shops to find my perfect length. Being plus size, we are always advised to not bring attention here and there as if a hair length or a strategically placed belt could disguise any of that. I love my new look! I was never scared that I would look fatter with shorter hair because looking fat is not the crime against humanity much of the fashion + beauty industry would have you believe. My concern was the frizz. I've told you that I came out the womb with a frizzy mane. My hair natural hair texture is frizzy with some waves and bends here and there. But underneath that vibrant purple rain hair is a year's worth of bleaching. I was strawberry blonde for a year before made the switch to purple. I had even gone to wig shops to find my perfect blonde, too. That's just how I am when it comes to my hair. Boujee Brat. So I didn't know if Ouai would live up to my hair standards. 

I've been testing the Ouai Volumizing Shampoo + Smoothing Conditioner. 

This is not a drill. This is not an exaggeration! When I first tested my Ouai products, I immediately texted Pepper B. to say that I was hooked. I told her that after the FIRST use I noticed a difference in my hair. At the end of 2016 when I went blonde, my natural hair texture, which I actually love, nearly vanished. I loved my new blonde locks, but it needed tons of TLC. With my natural dark hair, I was use to just letting my hair do her thing because of the frizz factor. The frizz factor meant that if I tried too hard with my hair, I'd end up Rubeus Hagrid. But if you've bleached your hair, you know it takes a village of products to maintain any hair health. While I don't regret going blonde, I missed the easy effortlessness of my natural hair texture. This Ouai combination brought it back! It came back! I can let my hair air dry and just be. From the first use!

My absolute favorite way to use this shampoo and conditioner combo is not shampoo then conditioner. On days when I don't want to fuss with my hair, I make a mixture of the Volume Shampoo and Smoothing Conditioner. and wash my hair in one step. It gives my hair lift and smoothness. I can let my hair air dry and don't have to put anything in it to make it look decent. I can just go. I love it!!!!

If you're a regular reader of, (bro, you should be!) you know our contributors LOVE Ouai Haircare. 5 stars every time! We are all so beauty obsessed, our 5 star rating does not come easy. Find out what other products we think deserve 5 stars here.  When I got my turn to try Ouai products, I was expecting great quality because I trust my fellow contributors. I was not expecting to my have my hair restored to it's OG glory!

The Ouai Volume Shampoo is more viscous than I am use to in a shampoo. I love that a little bit of product goes a long way. I like to apply the product to my scalp and build the lather. It doesn't suds up right away so you can give your scalp a nice little massage. This shampoo turns into a thick lather that really covered all of my hair. When I rinse the product, my hair feels healthy and clean. My hair does not feel stripped of moisture. 

The Ouai Smoothing Conditioner helps to calm my frizz without making my hair flat to my head. If your hair is thin or has a medium thickness, this is a great conditioner because it's not heavy. I like volume in my hair. How often I use a product comes down to how much lift my hair has at the roots. I don't like flat hair. This conditioner has pretty good slip. Slip refers to how easy the product spreads in your hair. You ever use a conditioner that just doesn't move through your strands so you end up using and wasting too much product. The Ouai Conditioner moves pretty easily my hair.

The only thing about the Ouai shampoo and conditioner that I could do without is the scent. It doesn't smell bad, it is floral and feminine. But there is a lot of it. When I'm in the shower, it can be a little overwhelming. However, it still gets 5 stars because the scent doesn't linger on my hair. 

Ouai is a brand started by celebrity hairstylist, Jen Atkin. She says, "I know the OUAI girl. She works hard and wants to have fun. She is grounded, effortless, smart, and cool." She wanted to create a line so that everyday women can have modern, effortless hair. That is exactly how I feel and look when I use her products! Give them a try and find you Ouai!


Available at; Volume Shampoo, $26; Smoothing Conditioner, $26

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