Hot Springs?? : Why You Need Urban Decay’s Rehab Makeup Prep Hot Spring Hydrating Gel In Your Life

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Rehab Makeup Prep Hot Springs Hydrating Gel


1.94 oz/ 55 g- retails for $28 at Urban Decay


Hot Springs Hydrating Gel is 1 of 6 products from Urban Decay’s Rehab Makeup Prep line.  I’m giving this product 5 stars from the jump because it was so good, and I had pretty low expectations for how my face would react. I have oily/combination skin so sometime’s it’s hard to get makeup to stay put throughout the day.  I was also originally worried about if the gel would leave a greasy feeling on my skin but it was the complete opposite. I was so blown away that this product was exceeding all of my expectations in a moisturizer, that I started doing my research on the rest of the products in the Rehab line.  The Pretty Gritty Skin Polish as an exfoliator and the Oxygenated Bubble Mask are the next ones on my list. 


I’m absolutely in love with how smooth this gel made my face feel from application, to overall appearance.  I started using the moisturizer everyday for about 2 weeks and overall my skin has never looked better.  It reminded me of my Laneige Water Sleeping Mask that I use when I need to give my face that extra hydration over night but Urban Decay’s moisturizeris great for every day.  Their product description explains how the 1,000 year old Japanese hot springs, play a part in the hydration of your skin. The water “ is rich in skin-nourishing minerals, and because the water in this formula is also hypotonic—a purer form—it penetrates the skin’s barrier better and becomes absorbed more easily”.  That was one of my favorite qualities about this product was how easily and quickly it absorbed into my skin.  The formula is so light and airy you wouldn't realize it was on if it wasn’t for the calming and cooling effect when applied.

Sometimes I use a primer on top of the moisturizer but I've noticed how beautiful the coverage is of my foundation with it alone.  Over time my skin felt and looked smoother.  There was a noticeable difference in how my makeup around my eyes was cooperating.  There weren't any dry patches nor makeup creasing.  Oddly enough I like to use this gel on Qtips to clean up stubborn liner and shadow.  It’s a quick solution when I need to get mascara off my face and need a little makeup remover.  


Overall, top to bottom, Urban Decay’s Rehab Makeup Prep Hot Springs Hydrating Gel is amazing and has a forever home in my makeup bag.  Because of Urban Decay’s long, running 20 years of success, I can see their skin care line expanding and becoming more trusted.  Not only do they made you feel good, but they’re good for your skin.