BECCA x CHRISSY Glow Face Palette Review

Written by Myrna .R


Fresh out the oven! The moment Instagram & Twitter queens alike have been awaiting! Enter the hotly anticipated BECCA collab with none other than Mrs. Legend herself Chrissy Teigen! This beautifully rose gold gilded palette results from a collab made in makeup heaven. Chrissy is the epitome of the understated Boho Beachy vibe that BECCA has made synonymous with it's brand image.  A lot of people may ask "Why Chrissy?"  It is important to recognize that like the diverse BECCABeauty which their products are geared towards, Chrissy herself is of a multicultural background consisting of Thai & Norwegian descent. She is a model, wife, mother, cook & completely embodies that approachable best girlfriend vibe. 


The lovely palette with its muted soft pinks & neutrals strives to capture the different sides of Chrissy--The Softer Side, The Friend, The Muse that make her a natural pick for this collab. The palette itself consists of three shades exclusive to the palette in the form of the Sunlit Bronzer in Malibu Soleil, Luminous Blush in Hibiscus Bloom, Shimmering Skin Perfector pressed highlighter in Beach Nectar and a much-loved classic & Chrissy's fave Rose Gold.  As always BECCA hits a homerun by delivering the same beautifully blendable pigment & a finely milled velvety texture in their formula. The palette is VERSATILE & I often find myself using this as  my go-to for Face AND Eyes in a pinch! I achieve a understated yet feminine eye by using Rose Gold in my inner corners, Beach Nectar on the lids with Malibu Soleil as a transition in the crease.  I most recently have become borderline obsessed with Patrick Ta's tip of topping off the transition shade of a neutral or soft eye look with your matching blush on your cheeks--a tip I definitely utilize every time I pick up this palette by layering a hint of Hibiscus Bloom in my crease.  Overall I think this palette is a must-have this Spring and I give it five stars!