IGK Call Time Styling Primer

By: Amanda V.

It has recently been muggy as shit in NYC, and humidity equals Monica from FRIENDS hair. 

My hair is difficult to describe just like everything else in my life. I have big curly hair that has been heat damaged and prine to breakage but although it's big it is also kind of on the thin side (are you still with me? That was alot to take in). So I've recently added  IGK's Call Time Styling Primer to my hair routine. To be honest I didn't know if this would work with a blow out but it did!!! This lightweight priming mist smells so sultry and the actual product isn't sticky whatsoever. I had zero static with added shine for ultimate smoothness. It didn't weigh my hair down or make it flat or greasy looking. I also decided to try it on the second day of my blowout to refresh as well as for beachy cool girl texture and it worked as well without having my hair get completely back to its natural curly state which also tends to frizz up at the drop of water. but my hair stood straightened with a bit more movement.  It gives it a nice wave and honestly I would purchase this again and again solely for the scent. I got rained on and my hair stood the same!!! Pure Magic. I have also used this on freshly washed hair to continue to protect it from the uv rays. It's like giving your dehydrated hair a sip of water. I will pair it with IGK coconut oil gel and put it up in a ballerina bun. It even refreshes my hair when i wear it out in a curly fro!!

This fine mist is perfect for heat styling protection and it protects up to 450 degrees, which BTW, you should never use your flat iron on full heat... but if you wanted to, this would be the perfect barrier for your hair. The coconut oil in this product helps strengthen my hair to survive my endless blowouts. This is my new go-to for my severely dehydrated, damaged hair. It's coming with me everywhere I go. It earned a permanent spot in my routine, especially for the Summer months.

The Call Time Styling Primer retails for $27 at Sephora stores and Sephora.com. This is 5oz of product and you don't have to use much and the mist is so fine that you truly get a ton of product for the price.