Becca Backlight Priming Filter Review

Written by Myrna. R

So Spring has finally Sprung! And with that being said where do I begin to describe this little gem from Becca Cosmetics called the First Light Priming Filter. This primer was launched on the heels of the brand's cult favorite Backlight Priming Filter which I so affectionately like to call the Beyonce to First Light's Solange!:)  Now the key point of difference with this unique formula is that it definitely encompasses a Spring "Awakening" factor in a bottle.  Lets start with its awesome cool violet tint which serves to softly scatter light imparting an Oh so subtle radiance and hydration to boot!  It's key ingredients come in the form of prickly pear to trap moisture in the skin, along with cooling citrus and ginger to really give fatigued dehydrated skin an energizing pick-me-up.  Becca also came up with a cutesy hashtag which all women(& men) alike can relate to: #BECCAFixesBadFaceDay and boy do we know we can all fall victim to bad skin blues!  BECCA to the rescue with this incredible primer!