Too Faced Sketch Marker Liquid Art Eyeliner

Ah, Too Faced. I'm always excited to see their new product launches. Each product is designed to empower women through femininity and just be fun to play with. Femininity is often held with disdain but Too Faced reminds women it is ok to want to feel and look feminine. And I just love that! With each product launch from Too Faced, there are copious amounts of buzz. Beauty lovers and loyal customers run to their favorite store to buy something from their favorite brand before it sells out. Which it will. Their oh-so-cute-packaging is hella Instagram worthy. Think of how many Peach Palettes and Sweetheart Blushes you've seen delicately posed on a white faux-fur rug. 900? Yeah, me too. Because of this, it is so frustrating when Too Faced releases a product that doesn't meet a consumer's expectations of Too Faced's more-often-than-not high-quality products. They need to recall these Sketch Markers.  

As always, the packaging from Too Faced is just darling. But they cannot rely on cuteness when a product does not perform. Give me a boring package over a low-quality product any day. Being pretty to look at does not replace the money that's been wasted. Almost every claim made about the Sketch Markers were nowhere to be found. Once I got past the charm of the precious heart on the cap of the Sketch Marker, I was met with frustration and disappointment. 

How eager I was to try these brightly colored Sketch Markers. I was excited to see a brand include pastels in the form of a liquid liner. Oh man, have I even told you what the product is? I've just been wrapped up in my feelings. The Sketch Markers are vibrant felt-tipped liquid eyeliners. A bright yellow and even a white liquid eyeliner! This photo from the brand's Instagram shows the range of colors. 

The shades I have are Steel Blue and Candy Pink. Both shades performed exactly the same in all aspects. So at least there was consistency. The felt-tip of these liquid eyeliners is nice and stiff. The formula flows easily and evenly through the pen. Liquid eyeliner goals, right? *Sad Face* Unfortunately, the felt-tip starts to pill after just about 4 or 5 uses. As I slid the liner across my eyelid, I saw little balls of felt where a smooth line of color should have been. There was also a string that was now attached to the tip of the tip. That's easy to remove. The little balls of felt on the eye, not so much. 

I was pleasantly surprised by the pigmentation of these liners. Paler shades aren't known for being super easy to work with. But each swatch below was made with one stroke. That was about the only redeeming quality these eyeliners had. With that kind I pigmentation, I would've move past the pilling. Honestly, it's not the worst thing, just kind of annoying and time consuming to remove the little balls of felt.

The trouble began when I realized the formula of the Sketch Marker wasn't everything Too Faced claimed it would be. Don't make promises you can't keep. "Its waterproof formula will not fade or feather" -just stop. Feather, fade, and vanish with a hint of water is what this liner did. We've been building this relationship for nearly a year now, so I hope that I've given you all a reason to trust me. Steel Blue was fully set when I dabbed my finger in a bit of water rubbed it across the center of the liner. You see that it is gone. Candy Pink was also fully set when I rubbed a dry finger over the center. It crumbled. Exactly what these liners have done on my hand is was happened on my eye. When they were on my eyelid, they would also melt and collect in my tear duct. UGH! Gross! They would crease and crack. I know, I know, they may work for other people. They did not work out for me.

There was a moment of redemption, however. I found that the formula works nicely if you use them to make little dots. I liked mixing the pink in with the Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Liner in Junkshow. It added something different to the look.

Even though I was totally disappointed with these liners, I am still looking forward to my favorite primer expanding! Too Faced has made a setting spray of the instant classic Hangover RX Primer! I can't wait! I'll just be over here gazing at this picture from their IG until the setting spray launches this June. K, Bye. 

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