Black Radiance Artisan Color Baked Bronzer in Gingersnap.

By Amanda V. 

It is very rare that I come across a makeup product that is magnificent from the drugstore. I don't mean to come off like a snob but I simply never had much luck because I feel like most of the time the quality either sucks or breaks me the F out. There are a few gems here and there and This incredible Bronzer from the brand Black Radiance that can be doubled as a highlighter is IMMACULATE!!! I am Preaching this product right now because HOLY GLOW!!! The Pigment is perfect and it glides on smoothly, which is a godsend because in my experience most drugstore bronzers look dusty and flat like chalk. This gleaming gilded color is buildable with each layer you apply but still feels weightless as if you swept nothing onto your skin. The silky texture blends effortlessly into the skin and I am left glowing like a golden GAWDESS!! Seriously guys, this affordable bronzer gives that Queen Bey Status Glow. The shimmer isn’t too intense so it can be used as a bronzer but still has enough glow that it can be used as a subtle highlight especially on you beautiful gals rich in melanin.  


With Flash: This is a single finger swatch guys!! OMG!!

With Flash: This is a single finger swatch guys!! OMG!!



This product is a shimmering, beachy summer glow packaged perfectly into a small powder pan. The packaging is plastic and lightweight, very simple and minimal. What I love most is the price point, this bronzer retails for under $5 at your local Target, Walmart and An absolute STEAL, how could I not give it a perfect score? This is a hidden gem and I honestly recommend this to anyone and everyone. It also comes in 3 other shades that I can’t wait to get my hands on.