Commodity Gold Fragrance Review

Written by Deanna P 

For those of you that have followed me or read any of my reviews on perfumes, colognes, etc, you know that I am extremely particular about scents.  I believe there can be the best smelling perfume ever, but it just might not mix with your body chemistry, therefore, it will smell horrible on you.  With that said, I use the same perfume everyday.  I have switched maybe a handful of times in my life, because when I find a scent I like, I stick with it.  


I recently was given the Commodity Gold Eau De Perfume Spray to try.  I knew nothing about the brand or their line of perfumes.  All I had read was they were said to be used on both men & women.I came to find out that Commodity as a company was all about the fragrance being about the individual. Like their name implies,  there collection is inspired by everyday commodities.  They also believe the fun comes in when you mix & match their scents to create an individual scent that is perfect for you.   They have a few collections & Gold is in the white collection which also includes, Rain, Mimosa, Tea,  & Magnolia. 


Gold comes in a 3.4 Fl oz/100 ml bottle for $105.00 & Eau De Perfume Spray which is 0.33 oz/10 ml for $26.00.   I think the pricing is fair as perfume is expensive & I believe this brand will be around for a while as it is cool & very appealing.  The concept is an interesting approach to something that has been around for years, but has not changed much.  Commodity really makes perfumes sexy, new & exciting. Gold is one of the more popular scents.  It was inspired by money in liquid form.  It’s notes include Bergamot, Juniper Berries, Camphor, Amber, Haitian Vetiver, Benzoin, Sandalwood, Vanilla, Tonka Bean,  & Nubian Musk. 


The first time I sprayed this on myself was before I was getting in the shower as I was that afraid I would not like the way it smelled.  Well, I have to say I was more than pleasantly surprised.  I loved it!  I did not only think it smelled delectable…..I thought it smelled amazing on me.  I have been wearing it every day since I first tried it.    The white collection is said to be light, airy, & easy, which it is.   The mix of the notes really make this true liquid gold for me.  The smell pleases me & makes me very happy.  I definitely recommend & I will probably buy more of these scents so I can mix & match them & see what more I can create.


You can purchase Gold & more of Commodity scents at Sephora or their website, click here on one of the sites below: