Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks

Written By: Danyelle V


Is lipstick your biggest Vice?

Who else drooled as they watched Urban Decay launch their Vice lipstick line? Tell me I wasn't alone when I tasted the bitterness of jealousy as some of our favorite internet beauty gurus opened their PR boxes to 100 beautifully packaged lipsticks. 

The bullet style lipstick tube is a mixed metal, mirrored finish. One of my favorite room decor palettes includes mixed metals. The purplish gun metal pairs so well with the pale yellow gold. Both the lid and the lipstick have been stamped with a gorgeous UD. The base of each lipstick has a sticker whose color matches the lipstick in the tube. Which, as you all already know, is one of my favorite things!


Safe Word comes in the comfort matte finish. It is a nude brown with a bit of yellow to it. The comfort matte finish is aptly named. Safe Word feels like silk on your lips. While it doesn't leave you with the traditional total matte finish of a liquid lipstick, it saves you from feeling dehydrated all day.


This next shade is Phone Call. It is a Sheer finish which has more luminosity. With just one layer of Phone Call, you've added a glossy, warm pink tint to your lips. For more color, just layer on the lipstick until you have the opacity you desire. The shade build nicely without balling up on your lips. 

One layer of Phone Call

One layer of Phone Call

Two Layers of Phone Call

Two Layers of Phone Call

The shades of the Vice Collection are available in Matte, High Shine, Metallic, Satin, and a Shimer finish plus the two I showed you here. If you use liquid lipsticks and can't see yourself going back to bullet a style lipstick, I've got some news for you! Urban Decay is set to launch Vice Liquid Lipsticks very soon! End of January!

Available at Sephora; $17

Product Photo from Sephora.com

Photo taken with iPhone 7