Too Faced Melted Liquified Lipstick ... Friend or Faux?

Written by @Twist.It.Tea

Too Faced Melted Latex

First and fore most, the “latex” part in this products name should not be taken lightly. Seriously, after being mesmerized by the shine, I realized my lips couldn’t breathe and I didn’t even know that was a thing until I felt them suffocating underneath this gloss.  I did not want to hate this gloss, especially seeing Rihanna don a similar shade a few weeks ago, I was ready to test it out on myself.  I tried Twilight Zone, which is a gorgeous periwinkle.  Although out of my comfort zone, I absolutely loved it. The light purple mixed with the gloss was so sexy, and it was meeting all of my expectations until a few minutes in. 

The only reason I’m giving Too Faced Melted Latex a little bit of love is because it does give you a beautiful glossy look, and the color is gorgeous.  This stuff is great for photos but I wouldn't recommend depending on amazingness all night. Eventually this gloss went from super glossy to a faded out light purple and made you look kind of crazy if it wasn't all the way filled in.  I am willing to try Girl On Top (clear coat) as a topper since it’s on sale right now, but otherwise I wouldn’t waste my money.  I waited for the gloss to set for quite some time but there were no solutions to make this formula less heavy and sticky.  When I wold smack my lips together in hopes of smoothing the formula because it applies in patches, I was left with my lips sticking together like honey.  It doesn't apply smoothly which was uncomfortable af because it felt like Elmers Glue being painted on.  With that being said, there is no drinking, eating, smoking, kissing, or talking while wearing Melted Latex unless you want to be committed to reapplying it every few minutes.  It transfers sooo easily, and will eventually bleed off of your lips if you aren't careful.  I think this is where the latex part comes in because it was extremely difficult to take off.  The pigment is so strong, and the formula so thick and gooey that the residue left on your lips is so stubborn it’s nearly impossible to remove.  It took me two face wipes and a cotton round soaked in micelle water to ‘somewhat’ remove the melted plastic that was coating my lips and surrounding mouth area.  Not cute at all.  I wish this lived up to the love I have for the Too Faced Melted Matte. 

1998 Melted Matte Too Faced

Too Faced has created the perfect formula for a comfortable, long lasting matte that doesn't dry out your lips.  I love applying this liquid lipstick because of how creamy the application feels on my lips.  I am always looking for a matte that doesn't require a lot of maintenance and I have found my answer.  I tried Too Faced's 1998 which is a fun bubble gum pink, which is also kind of out there for me, since I usually stick to dark shades and mauves but Too Faced really does have a great range of shades for these two lines.  I stand by my opinion that Melted Matte is exceedingly better than the Latex line.  I would buy every single color for the matte line just because I know I can depend on it to last all day or night. I hate when liquid mattes pill on my lips after a while but this shade stayed true to it's color and silky smooth formula for hours (thank you, avocado oil & vitamin E).  I really love how low maintenance this lip is, because I usually don't notice I need a reapply until after I take the picture.  I hate when I go to the bathroom to check my makeup and realize that the color has sunken into the lines of my lips, turning me into a dehydrated looking mess.  Too Faced adds hyaluronic filling spheres to smooth the look of lip lines, which is genius for a matte.  They also added a no-sting lip plumper in there that the Melted Latex line does not have.  I know they are two completely different style of liquid lips but I will stick to the amazing Melted Matte no matter what the situation.