The Estee Edit Barest Bronzer

Written By: Danyelle V

Written By: Danyelle V

Since I’ve added The Estee Edit’s Barest Bronzer to my routine, I haven’t used another bronzer. And It’s not just ‘kid with a new toy’ obsession, it’s ‘how have I ever used another bronzer’ obsession. The shade is everything my skin has been waiting for!

 One of the most difficult shades to find for makeup is bronzer. When it’s the right shade, bronzer can make your skin look amazing. It can fool the most gullible into believing you just got back from a weekend getaway to the sunniest of islands. But when the shade is wrong, it’s a disaster. You’ve seen it. The girl on the bus who is just orange. Don’t stare. Trust me, she knows she’s orange. My problem with finding a bronzer has always been that so many of the ones I’ve used are my skin tone or too light. I think I’ve gone to Sephora a dozen times just to swatch bronzer. I wander about, brand to brand to brand swatching the shades on my hand and jawline. I had never found one that beckoned me to take it home. Some are too light, most my skin tone, some the wrong undertone, the right shade has too much shimmer, I’m allergic, another is just bad quality, too fragrant. I am picky! I tried using darker and or warmer foundation powders and that helped. But The Estee Edit’s Barest Bronzer has made its way to my vanity and I will never look back. It is available in two shades. I use Medium/Deep and it is perfect. It has the right amount of reddish brown that compliments my skin so well with a subtle radiance. The only thing I was disappointed about was that the cute shimmery splatter paint detail in the product photo is just an overlay. Once you sweep over it with your brush, it’s gone. But I’ll live because this is a gorgeous bronzer.

 Use a light hand and slowly build up the color to your liking. This bronzer is very pigmented! I usually do two light layers. I use a fluffy paddle brush to lightly map out where I want the product. I gently sweep bronzer along my hairline, under my cheekbone, the tip of my chin, and the tiniest bit down my nose. I like to blend it out with a soft duo fiber angled brush. It works well to ensure I don’t have any patchy areas on my face. If you haven’t found the right bronzer yet, I would highly recommend this bronzer! In the photo you can see how pale and flat my face looks without the bronzer in the left image and in the right, I look alive and like I enjoy life! 

What’s the hardest makeup item for you to color match, is it bronzer like me? What are some of your favorite bronzers?

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Available at Sephora; $32. Product Photo from Photo taken w/ iPhone 7