Dating in NYC: Life with JRDN!

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If you've stumbled upon this interview your at the right place at the right time. Meet JRDN she's a tastemaker you need to see in NYC. Besides having a great Podcast " Dating in NYC "   she introduces you to a few things you need to do and see in NYC on her website. Jrdn's Podcast has gotten me through intense travel and commuting. Read more below and find out a little bit more about living life with JRDN ...

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My name is Jourdan Ash better known on the internet as Life With JRDN — a 25 year old writer/blogger who likes long walks on the block, Popeyes, and Hip-Hop. My podcast, Dating in NYC, has blossomed from an interview based segment on my blog to a bi-weekly podcast where I explore and learn about the many intricate parts of dating and romance in this (sometimes wild) city. The idea came to me after a bad breakup when I tried to force myself into the dating scene, but kept meeting the same men in different bodies. Through my podcast, I’ve become more self-aware about some of my toxic dating habits as well as more open to learn about the disconnect when it comes to romance between men and women.



What motivated you to create the “ Dating in NYC” Podcast ?


Dating in NYC started as a segment on my blog, , after I had got out of a bad breakup. I kept meeting the same men in different bodies and often questioned ‘what the fuck was going on?’ I started by asking a few questions on Twitter to see if other women were going through the same thing or if it was just me. After I realized women were going through the same issues, I started doing interviews and it soon grew into a podcast. I wanted to have more uncensored conversations about dating/romance and learn more in the process.


What’s the last song you listened to while commuting ?

“Can’t You See” J Dilla


If you could describe your dating life in the form of a movie title what would it be ? 

“She’s Gotta Have It”



What are 3 things people need to mentally prepare themselves for when dating in NYC?


Prepare for meeting a lot of people who don’t know themselves, believe their online persona transcends or makes up for their lack of personality in real life, and prepare yourself to be extremely patient.


Do you think social media influences dating in a positive or negative way ?


Social media only has the influence that people allow it to have — which can be negative or positive. The only thing that’s tricky about dating with social media influence is people pretending to be this persona on the internet that they aren’t in real life.


Do you think couples should interact with each other over social media ? YES

If a person wanted to court or “swoon” you what would be the ideal date ?  

If a man wanted to court me, an ideal date would be something that shows me multiple sides of him. For example, I love rollerskating/ice skating but I’m very bad at it. Both times I went on skating dates, I was able to see how patient, caring, fun, and good at teaching they were all at once. So anything that’s active or gives us a chance to talk or learn (usually involving food before or after) is how to court me.


How do you feel about dating apps? Which do you avoid ? 


I’m not the biggest fan of dating apps, they’re more of a joke than anything.


You post a lot of good eats in nyc on social media please list your favorites below:

Untitled 2.png

Pizza Shop: No Favorite just yet! Still searching for the perfect slice!

Ice Cream Shop: Mikey’s Likes It

Soul Food: Melba’s (until I finally try Peaches)

Tacos: Essex Tacos

Happy Hour: Bob White Counter or Pianos

What is your go to manicure color & why ?

Red because it’s powerful and makes me feel sexy 

What’s your skin regime like, Whats your favorite skincare line?

My favorite skincare lines are Glossier and Peter Thomas Roth. 

What are 5 products in your make-up bag: 

Fenty Beauty’s Trophy Wife, Gloss Bomb, and Mega Wattstix in Chili Mango, NYX vivid brights eyeliner in electric blue, and NYX micro brow pencil in chocolate!

If you were a fragrance what would you be and why ?

I’m not big on perfume because it gives me a headache. But if I had to choose, I would be Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf.

Heels or Kicks:



What are your go to haircare brands ?

I don’t really have any I’m still trying to find what works best with my hair.

Something you are looking forward to doing this fall :

I’m looking forward to exploring someone (hopefully) this fall. I’m in a great headspace right now and open to all new people and opportunities. I’m also excited about the work opportunities and the growth of my podcast.

Where to find JRDN:

@Lifewithjrdn - Instagram

LifewithJRDN - Twitter