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Makeup for your Teeth? Pink, Platinum, + Yellow?? I’m Cringing.


Because you don’t have rapper money and there’s a party tonight.

I am always one to say that makeup is fun in all forms. Changing up your look for a few hours is part of the self expressive nature of cosmetics. Getting a little weird with your makeup is always welcome. I, myself have green, blue, and neon lipsticks, frosty-funky color highlighter, and I have been itching to bleach my brows. Just for fun. But how weird is too weird? How far is too far in the realms of eccentric makeup?

Meet Chrom

Creators of temporary tooth polish. Like nail polish but for your teeth. YOUR TEETH!!!

“CHRŌM is a tooth polish, just like nail polish, that can be applied and removed in a matter of seconds, and lasts for up to 24 hours at a time. It doesn’t smudge when you're eating and has no taste” (source)


Need to know: 14 colors, $18
Avaiable at
Shop here


The colors

Ok. As Americans, we have a pretty basic standard for what teeth should look like. Our ideal is bright, white, straight, and clean teeth. (Lord, doesn’t that say so much, but I digress). So the Chrom tooth polish that makes the most sense to me is the “Pearly White” shade. Maybe you’ve been drinking too much coffee lately and it’s showing on your teeth. You have an event to attend and want brilliant white teeth to make your smile just that much more beautiful. But, with Chrom, you have the option of making your smile sparkle with glitter, with green teeth, and, yes, YELLOW.


This color is Glitterati Chrom. 1 of their 3 glittery shades. Can’t lie, I love glitter and this looks like something I’d give a try to. Maybe. While your teeth look brighter, they also look kind of dirty. But still not too bad.


Ok I almost bought Glitterati Party because this is just freaking cute.


No. No, sorry, Just no. Glitterati Gold looks like you ain’t brushed your teeth in 7 months. I almost called a lawyer to bring a lawsuit for causing me trauma and making my spine cringe!


Chrom toothpolish in Baby Blue and in Mint gave me some positive feels all over again. This is very appropriate for music festivals, laser shows, raves (are they still a thing), basically any party where there is a girl with a hula hoop, pigtails with yarn, and gemstones on her face.

But then this color happened.


24 Karat Toothpolish is cancelled. It looks like she caked Hot Cheetos on to her bottom teeth. It looks like her teeth have been replaced with Cheez-Its. It looks like the concept of a toothbrush had never been introduced. It looks so crazy, it changed history! Oy vey. Ay Dios. No puedo.


I’m weak.

Chrome Grillz.png

And here we have Chrom tooth polish in Sunshine. Right.

When I was a kid, I remember my friends and I pressing silver gum wrappers on to our teeth and pretending we were rappers, singing lyrics no 9 year old should sing. I don’t know about other play grounds around the country, but on 104th between 2nd + 3rd Ave in NYC, that’s what we did. I remember we would also take the brown wrappers off a Reese’s peanut butter cup and wrap them around our teeth and pretend we were hillbillies.


Chrom Tooth Polish is just an extension of that. Playing pretend. Dressing up. Having fun. So I joke about how crazy some of the colors look, but in the end, it is just makeup.

Is it fashion or is it Corny?


On My Radar: Top Fall Beauty Trends with The MPB Team

Take the runway to your vanity with these top Fall beauty trends that emerged from Fashion Week hand picked by us! Each of us on the Meetpepperb Team have a different style that rings true in what caught our attention this fashion season. Fall is more than the classic warm tones and dark lips. It's beautiful but don't forget to have fun with your makeup! Keep reading to find out our top picks for beauty this season! You can also save your favorite looks to Pinterest!

@bufferingbetty's Pick: Modern Victorian

Once you get past the powdered face of a Victorian look, what remains is a minimalist usually cool-toned smokey eye paired with flushed cheeks and lips. What I love about it is that there is a secrecy in the look. A wide-eyed doe sweetie who is blushing because... a tryst in the garden? Stolen glances? It is romantically guilty! To modernize this look, scale back the total matte-ness of the era. Go for a natural skin-like finish. Use a berry stain on lips topped with a gloss. Skip the cheekbone highlight and make the look pop with a color mascara!'s Pick: Floating Space

A mix between mod and minimalism has me in love.  Everything I've been told about coloring in the lines has gone out the window.  There are no rules to a floating liner and it can come in many shapes, shades and sizes.  Bold, lines and colors that remind me of a Piet Mondrian painting, or metallic liners and shadows creating a futuristic cat eye -- negative space on the lids isn't just high end runway wear, the beautiful imagery can be translated for a less dramatic event with a simple line above your lid. 

@acevallee's Pick: Gilded Lids

Whether painted or sleekly lined, glittered, shimmery or matte, GOLD is the perfect accent to make any look Luxe. Mostly seen with minimal makeup on the runway, the golden lids make a grand statement. I adore metallic beauty looks, especially gold because it's glamorous and looks like jewelry on your eyelids and is just as eye-catching. Gleaming gilded lids can even glam up sweats, a tee and a pair of sneakers, it's that powerful. Some looks I fell in love with on the A/W runways early this year varies from more simplistic glittering gold lined lids paired with a bold brow as seen on the model at Nicholas K to a more shimmery, bold and geometric eye look at the Alexis Mabille show to a light pale yellow gold with matching nail accents at Laura Biagiotti. 

@Downtownpepper's Pick: Extremely Glossy Lip 

The time is now to let matte lipstick go! I mean it is great for special occasions or date night. However, I am thrilled that the wet lip trend is back this is a go to for me when I am on shoots or even when I translate it to my personal life. The wet lip is minimal and sexy all in one! The wet lip gives you leg room to be as dramatic as you want with your make-up or highlighter. To be honest I thought Rihanna helped bring this lip trend back with Fenty's universal nude gloss. but NO! Glossier has been ahead of the trend! Also I've been trying to track down this beautiful clear gloss from Sephora collection with holographic glitter (Starlight) for months and its been SOLD out every store I check! Fall and Winter will be here way before we know it. Skin appears so much more fresh and can tolerate full coverage make-up that will stay, however dry weather and dry lips don't mix so do yourself the favor !!! 

Which Look Will You Add To Your Fall Routine?

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