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Atlanta Personal Trainer: Body Gawd

 I'm Tasha, aka Body Gawd. I'm a personal trainer based in Atlanta GA. I specialize in 'health wellness. I love food, therefore I have to workout everyday for the rest of my life. I'm very open honest & I try to be as truthful as possible when it comes to health consciousness.

What got you into such an intense work out routine?

 I’ve always been an athlete since I can remember however life started happening & I went to college & gained weight. I got into a relationship & gained more weight lol. It was really just me becoming more conscious of my health & how I was going through life that made me change. I wasn’t necessarily trying to lose weight, I just wanted to be healthy & I haven’t turned back since then.

How often do you work out a week?

I work out at least 5‐ times a week, & sometimes more than once in a day

What foods do you avoid?

I stay away from soda, candy, cookies. All sweets in general because they are so addictive. I also stay away from chips things like that because I loveee salt & it is definitely  not my best friend

What’s the biggest misconception about you?

I think that there are 2 big ones. The first being that just because I’m curvy have a nice body that I’m either a vixen model or a stripper. The second is that I’m not very smart. I think people look at me & compare me to the vixen types of women & automatically assume that I’m not smart because of that. But I am very very intellectual lol.       

If you were a smoothie what would you be? 

If I were a smoothie I’d be a mix of peach, papaya, mango. I absolutely LOVE mango but overall its a very tropical fun flavor I’m all about being outside in the sun & having the most fun I can.

When do you feel most beautiful? 

I feel most beautiful  when my makeup is slayed my curls are poppin 

What’s in your make‐up bag? 

 I have at least 4 different products for my brows lol, liquid liner, bronzer, matte foundation, a nude lipstick, & concealer. The basics.

What’s your favorite feature?

My favorite feature is my hair, my cheekbones, & my boo‐tay lol

What polish color would you wear on a special date and why?

I would wear black because I love black & I just feel like its sexy & mysterious.

How important is diet while working out?

Diet is so important. People think you can out work a bad diet but you cant. if you work out but eat the same as you did before, your weight will never change. Your body will just balance out.

Where did the name “ Body Gawd” come from?

So I started out as CurvyFitt & that just came to me because I knew my abilities as far as exercising but I’m not your “typical” trainer. Switched it to BodyGawd recently because I feel that I’ve reached a new level as far as my business & just overall as a person.

Where is your favorite place to workout? Do you find a gym necessary?

My favorite place to workout is outside in the summer. Its definitely not necessary to have a gym because in the beginning of my journey I didn’t have one. So to all of the people who use that as an excuse, you can stop now!

Who’s your dream client to personally train?

Personally I don’t have a specific person in mind, but I would love to do a show about helping women who are overweight lose weight & show that as far as fitness as health, there isn’t a certain type of “look”.

What area do you focus on most working out?

I do lots of cardio, abs, & of course lower body exercises the most. I get cut up really easy, so I don’t have to focus so much on arms, back etc.

Why don’t you believe in waist training ?

I don’t believe in waist training because it’s a temporary fix. It also damages internal organs plus most women who wear them aren’t even wearing them properly. I personally know people that have scars & tissue damage from wearing waist trainers so I don’t suggest that anybody wear them.

Do you suggest buddy workout vs. solo work outs?

 I started out on my own & at times it got boring & was very easy to get discouraged so I definitely suggest partner workouts as long as you've the same general goals

Whats next for BodyGawd?

Traveling is definitely in the vision I have for myself. I want to go to different places, give people good workout inspire them to keep going. I’m building my brand so I’ll be starting a youtube channel soon with workout videos tips more. I really just want to show women that no matter your size or shape, you can be whatever you want to be & to be inspired by yourself. be your own bodyguard.

"NEVER give up don’t let anyone tell you You can’t do something. Be happy with you while you are working for what you want."