Scentbird Product Review

Written by Deanna.P 

I have a love/hate relationship with perfume....either I hate it or I love it, but unfortunately most of the time I hate it.  Perfume is actually much more complicated than it seems.  Most people think that if it smells good & they spray it on themselves they will smell good.  Well, I can tell you definitively that this is not always the case.  You see the way your body chemistry mixes with the perfume, affects the smell & unfortunately this is most of the time,not so pleasant.  I have experienced the unpleasant odor ofsomeone who has picked the wrong perfume for themselves on numerous occasions. 

Enter Scentbird.   Their theory is date your perfume before marrying it.  For $14.95, they send you a 30 day supply of a scent you pick.  They have over 450 scents to choose from.  They started the company because they saw a need for trying a perfume before buying it.  They were frustrated with buying expensiveperfumes & colognes, not liking them & watching them sit on their dressers & shelves collecting dust for years 

 I truly believe this is a great idea that will revolutionize the perfume/cologne industry!  I for one am unfortunately one of those people who have bought perfumes that I do not like.  They are too expensive to throw out so I leave them for years on my dresser.  I love the concept of trying a new perfume every month, with no commitment of having to use it for years.  If I do happen to find something I love, I can purchase more of it as well.   The first tester of the scent bird perfume came & I did not like the smell at all.  It was MICHAEL KORS Glam Jasmine. The good news is I can give it to a friend or throw it out with out feeling guilty as I did not invest much money in it.  I like the way it is packaged in a little velvet bag.  The perfume is in a vile that you twist up & spray.  It is similar to opening & closing a lipstisk,    It is also easy to travel with or carry in your purse. I will definitely be trying this again time after time  as I love the concept !  The fact that I can try an unlimited # of fragrances makes me very happy!