I Tried Oil Pulling For The First Time


Gross mouthfeel. Sparkling Results?


Oil pulling is an old healthcare remedy from India where you take a tablespoon of oil and swish it around in your mouth for about 20 minutes and then spit it out. It is believed to be useful for things line whitening teeth to helping fix all of your health woes. The practice became trendy a few years ago when some celebs began to swear this 'new' thing had changed their life. There are articles pro and against oil pulling. Some argue it is a waste of time that does no harm or good, while others say it improves overall mouth health thus improving overall health. What I'm here to tell you is my results were!


Maple Holistics specializes in providing products for those who want to know what exactly what ingredients they are using. Their fractionated coconut oil seemed perfect for trying out oil pulling. Fractionated means that the coconut oil will remain an oil. 

1 oil.gif

I brushed my teeth before oil pulling. Ok, let's be real, the thought swishing around oil in my mouth for 20 minutes sounded like it would the most horrible way to start any day. From everything I had found, you should oil pull on an empty stomach. My guess is just in case the mouthfeel really gets to you. Truthfully, it might. There isn't a taste to the oil but it's the texture that'll get ya, Thick and heavy. UGH!!!


Moving the oil around on my gums was easy to get used to after a few minutes. I always have a dry tongue. I thought that if I swirled *blech* the oil on my tongue *blech* it would help. But the second I felt the oil on my tongue, I was ready to cut the 20 minutes short and move on. 


The worst part about oil pulling is that as you swish the oil around your mouth, the thicker the oil gets. As the minutes crawl by, you feel a thick and foamy slug forming in your mouth. All you can focus on is not letting the oil get too close to the back of your mouth so you accidentally swallow anything. Ugh, the thought of that makes my whole body clench in disgust. 


Oh the moment of release. So soothing it was to know that it is finally over. The once clear oil is now a vulgar shade of milky white. I followed up with brushing my teeth. I noticed that my mouth didn't feel as dry as usual that day. I was pleased with that. 


Would I try oil pulling again? 

Yes, and I have! It took me about a week to give it another try remembering the nauseating slug that formed in my mouth, but I did do it but this time in the shower. If you occupy your mind, you won't focus so much on the feeling in your mouth. I don't know if I would make this a permanent addition to my oral care. When I have oil pulled, maybe it is just in my head, but I feel like the spit in my mouth is super thick and I end up spitting all day. 


And, of course, there are more satisfying ways to use coconut oil. 

The lipstick I am wearing is from Beauty Bakerie. If you've worn one, you know how hard they are to remove without attacking your lips. This oil broke it down quickly and easily. 


How do you use natural ingredients in your beauty routine?