13 Fall Halloween Ideas No Costume Required.


There are several reasons why you may want just makeup and not have an elaborate costume for Halloween. Your profession may prevent you from coming to work completely decked out. You could also accompany a smaller child during the festivities and may not have time to pull out all the stops for a costume for yourself. Perhaps you just may work in the cosmetic industry like myself and have to wear an all black wardrobe. Whatever your reason is here are some cool makeup looks that require no additional wardrobe to get the job done. 


Zodiac Makeup : 


Key features for this look.

Half moon in the center of the forehead and Iridescent accents.



Gypsy Makeup : 

Key features for this look.   

Third eye in the center of the forehead along with extremely dark eye make up. 



Not so basic Vampire  : 


Key features for this look.

Red contacts, Red Lipstick and Lightning waves underneath your lower lash lines. 


Galaxy Makeup:

Key features for this look.   

Traces of eyeshadow on the face. Traces of stars on the face and neck line. 

Cleopatra/ Egyptian Makeup  

Cleopatra/ Egyptian Makeup  

Key features for this look:

 Blue and gold eyeshadow exaggerated wing liner as well as pointed wing in the inner corner of eye. 

To really emphasizes on the look you can use the Eye of Horus when shaping your eyeliner. 




Cruella De Vil


Key features for this look.   

It is almost impossible to re-create this look without the two tone hair color which can simply be done with a wig or with spray color for one section of the hair.  

Also don’t forget your green eyeshadow,  Black mold above your lip and your red lipstick. 



Mermaid :


Key features for this look:  iridescent fish scales along the entire face. 

Doll Makeup  : 

Doll Makeup

Key features for this look.  

 Lower bottom lashes as well as white eyeliner in the inner rim in order to open up the shape of the eye .  


Bambi :

Key features for this look.   

White dot accents on the side of the forehead. Color the tip of your nose in black or brown depending on your complexion to give a realistic approach.  

Wednesday Adams:  

Wednesday Adams:  

Key features for this look.  

Exaggerated Widows Peak, Soft Freckles, Contour and Flushed Skin. 



Modern Pebbles:  

Key Features for this look : 

The bone in the hair really is important for this look and character. The hair should be in a ponytail or updo.  You have the option to play around with eye color by doing Red, Burnt Orange or Yellow. 

  Flame : 


 Key Features for this look.   

This look is pretty simple be THE FLAME by creating an ombré affect to your makeup from yellow to orange to red! 


Half Neons Skull:  

Half Neons Skull:  

Key Features for this look. 

This adds a twist to a traditional skull make up as this has been a little overdone however with this look you would concentrate on creating a skull on 1/2 of the face. Outlining your skull in neon and or UV paint.