Freeset Donkey Milk Skin Gel Mask Pack Aqua

Written by: Christine .Q

My skin is eternally dry no matter what season it is or what the weather is like. I'm nuts about cleansing and face oils and I lotion as if my life depended on it. Lately after my regular night time routine of cleanse, face oil, moisturize, I've been putting on a sheet mask and heading straight to bed. I first got hooked on SKII's brightening mask. But let's get real, with all of the other beauty products I have to buy, I can't be spending $12+ on a single sheet mask. Especially, if it's becoming a daily/every other day treatment. So I've been looking for an alternative since that would make my skin bright, soft, and supple. I spent a lot of time in K-Town New York and Tony Moly and FaceShop trying to find the one. After a lot of trial and error at no more than $4 bucks a pop, I finally found it! But here's the weird part: it contains donkey milk. I was a little suspect but hey, Cleopatra supposedly bathed in donkey milk, and if it's good enough for Cleo, it's good enough for moi. I like to put this on, lay down, and pass out. Thankfully, I'm a back sleeper and stays on long enough that it completely dries out. In the morning, the sheet just fall off my face, I pick it up, and toss it. My skin is completely moisturized and glowing. I rinse it of with a little bit of warm water, apply my usual moisturizer, and sunscreen and I'm ready to face the day. 

Ever since I've added this step to my routine, I've seen less wrinkles and have received countless comments on my skin. 

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