Apartment Violet Collection

In the pursuit of our dreams, we can forget to slow down and practice some self-care. I can find myself getting so wrapped up in my work that 5 hours flies by and I haven't taken a single break. Being driven is wonderful, but there is nothing wrong with taking time for yourself. Or so I try to remind myself. As a woman in my mid-20s, I often feel so much pressure to 'make it happen.' I know you can feel that way too! So when I am practicing self care, I do the things in life that make me feel at ease. I make myself a delicious breakfast. I take an entire morning to do my makeup. I treat myself to an at home spa get away That is where these beautiful, handcrafted products from Apartment Violet come in.

For your self-care spa get away, turn down your lights, and light this Elysian Fields Soy Candle from Apartment Violet. I have to be honest, my sense of smell is not very sophisticated. If you blind folded me and asked me to 'name that scent,' I'd probably say vanilla? 3 out of 5 times. This vivid purple candle smells soft and sweet and maybe a little like a sweet red wine. Just a few minutes of burning and the scent fills the room without drowning your senses. 

Next up we have an instant essential skincare, hair care, everything care product! The Everything Balm. Now this scent I know! It has a strong tea tree smell (or is it eucalyptus?) IDK, man, my nose knows nada. I do know that I love this smell. The scent is strong but as the products melts like butter into your skin, the scent settles and isn't so potent. I will be honest, I did not try the everything balm on my hair because the coloring products I use are super sensitive. I would have only used it on my ends anyway and I really didn't want to make my hair color looking patchy. It's purple so it's cute but patchy purple hair will look insane. But! Fear not, I was able to use it. The everything balm is perfect to cure any dry or cracked skin. It will heal those winter heels and soothe any dry acne patches you may have. I once wrote that I can't stand seeing crusty elbows and knees. It's still true! I love to rub this on to those places that are prone to dryness. It worked well to hydrate and bring life back to my cuticles. On my lips, tho -heaven! It sinks in and my lips look like they've never been deprived of water. If you had to pick one thing to get, I would suggest the Everything Balm because it's Errthang. (yes i did)

The difference between a mega company and a small business is the love that is so obvious in each package. Soap poured by hand, wrapped and stamped by hand. The attention and passion a person has for their business is apparent when you see a charming double heart stamp on the the rope that holds the package together. Inside there is a cute purple soap. I'm more of a liquid soap kind of person. But this bar soap was great to keep by the sink to keep my hands clean. While I don't feel that the bar soap added moisture to my hands, I don't feel that it stripped any away either. So while the Everything Balm is luxury, the soap is pure function. Which is nice. 

Here are a few grabs from Apartment Violet's (@aptviolet) IG feed. I know you recognize the signature manicure of Ms. Pepper B. herself holding their package. The artwork of the candle is so unique and beautiful. 

Remember to practice self care this month. Detach from social media, turn down the lights, light a candle and throw on a sheet mask. Take a moment. You deserve it!