5 Natural Deodorants That Are Must Haves For Summer 2019

Written by Pepper B

I am not the only one who can feel the transition in the weather! FINALLY! I mean it’s only been winter and spring for a year. When it comes to natural deodorant I in the past for me either we don’t agree, they don't last and I smell crazy or they burn my under arms. At first I struggled with getting discoloration under my arms ! Yikes! Normally discoloration under the arms comes from the baking soda found in a lot of popular natural deodorants it was a horrible process! also scary. Moving past discoloration and testing different types I found one that really worked for me. I’ve finally gotten past the detoxing process. When using natural deodorant after transitioning from normal types you may notice you perspire a lot more in the beginning.

Week two after detoxing from regular deodorant is the most difficult you may feel as if the product doesn't last and you smell worse. As the weeks process you will notice that your body starts to adjust. Allow a full 30 days for your underarms to completely detox!

Here is my list below I have tested each one in various settings and I approve these for summer.

Side note for the past few months i’ve been using Kopari & I LOVE IT!

Source: kaianaturals

Source: kaianaturals

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