As Is: The MPB Team Celebrates Women's History Month

These are not Before and After photos
Because I am myself regardless of the presence of lipstick
These are here and now photos
Because my mind is always present

These are not Natural versus Glam looks
Because there is nothing more glamorous than my bare smile
And applying mascara  comes naturally
I have got bigger battles started for me

I am told that I don’t need to wear makeup
While a woman next to me is told that with some blush, her eyes will really pop
The woman next to her is told she wears too much makeup
Neither of us is enough

We always seem to be too much
Yet never enough

Painted lips
Flushed cheeks
Contoured Jaw
Have never made me

I still look cute, tho.
I never asked you. 

-Danyelle Valentin (@bufferingbetty)

Pepper B. 
Believes that she "came out for the womb" with a smokey eye. Leo with an Excessive Smoky Eye.

Pepper on   Instagram

Pepper on Instagram

My name is Pepper B! Beauty is like an accessory for me. I use makeup as an outlet to spice up the day but it doesn’t make my day. I thrive on having good skin so my favorite part of the day is taking my accessory off and wearing Bare Skin. I work in the beauty industry and it is very visual so I use makeup to polish up my look. I do believe that taking care of your skin allows you to have a better makeup application. I love myself with makeup but I love myself without makeup even more.  

“Without us there is no universe. People are drawn to chaos and controversy. They are afraid to put us in power because everything we touch we set on fire! We are resilient, trailblazers and life creators. The true definition of beauty & the beast. There is no recipe we just serve! I can try to define what it feels like to be a women but there aren’t enough words” 
- Pepper B 

Mantra: Follow your passion as this will make your dreams become reality! Giving you the most informational product review you'd ever want.

Deanna on   Instagram

Deanna on Instagram

"Everything has beauty but not everyone sees it"

"The things you wear don't make you beautiful: they accentuate the beauty that is already there"

If it's skincare, she cares. Teaching all of the skincare DIYs

Kayla on   Instagram

Kayla on Instagram

“Phenomenal woman, that’s me”- Maya Angelou

“I am a woman. I am clothes in strength & dignity & pride.” I first began to like “beauty” when I saw photos of my mom and aunts with amazing bright colors on their eyes- what I then learned was called eyeshadow lol. I loved how I had these beautiful women in my life & they could use these products to emphasize that and tell a whole new story of themselves. 

Awkward Tomboy Glow Queen Channeling Brooke Shields Circa Blue Lagoon

Amanda on   Instagram

Amanda on Instagram

Red lipstick is my secret super power. It will help me conquer the world one day.I am very passionate about body confidence. 'Magic Makeover' is something I would do with my Mother (who I would call my Warrior Queen) who lost her battle 4 years ago [to cancer]. Making her feel beautiful would lighten up her day and I would love to make all of the warrior queens feel that way.

Doesn't send nudes. Lives in fuchsia lipstick + blush. Loves how her makeup looks but probably can't recreate it.

Danyelle on   Instagram

Danyelle on Instagram

After all those years as a woman hearing 'not thin enough, not pretty enough, not smart enough, not this enough, not that enough,' almost overnight I woke up one morning and thought I am enough" - Anna Quindlen

"If you retain nothing else, always remember the most important rule of beauty, which is: who cares?" - Tina Fey

The beauty industry has given more than I could ask for from lipstick. It has nothing to do with actually wearing makeup, though, of course, I love to indulge. I have found a side of myself that I knew was there but never gave room to flourish. If you ever have looked at a beauty blog and thought of it as vapid -first, of all, goodbye. But truly you don't understand the time and effort that went into a product  reveiw. The amount of research that goes into an informative post. Beneath it all is passion and a vulnerability that must be admired. To end Women's History Month, just remember that everyone watching you will have an opinion. None of them will matter more than your own. 

Boho Chic, Party Girl, + Sparkle. Knows what formula is definitely an all-nighter.

Taylor on   Instagram

Taylor on Instagram