The Ace Edit - Summer 2018


Welcome to the first ever ACE EDIT! Filled with my current obsessions, my top shelf, health and mental guide and goals. A digital seasonal/monthly journey to achieve an outer and inner glow.

Summer is the season when I embrace my most natural state. I put down the blow dryer and opt for a fro or ballerina bun. I’m usually bare faced unless I’m going out on some random evening. I like to go for walks along the river and stop at bench to gather my thoughts and write out my feelings, iced matcha in hand, just taking in the season... and uncomfortable heat. 

TAN TIP: Put some Colourpop Loose Highlighter into your bottle of Suntan Oil, You will glow like a mermaid while getting bronzed.

TAN TIP: Put some Colourpop Loose Highlighter into your bottle of Suntan Oil, You will glow like a mermaid while getting bronzed.


Lately I just really care about protecting my skin and having it naturally glow. Have you seen Ashley Graham’s skin lately? She has been my inspiration. Clean, gleaming, healthy skin. I like to use a simple daily routine using all Glossier. Starting with Milky Jelly Cleanser, then I exfoliate  with Solution  to balance and even out my skin’s texture as well as preventing and clearing any blemishes. I step in with Priming Moisturizer RICH because I’m a dry ass bish. I finish it off with Invisible Shield. I know, it’s not waterproof but this shit doesn’t break me out which 99.9% of sunscreens do! Plus If you are using any products like Solution that contain AHA, BHA and PHA IT IS CRUCIAL THAT YOU USE SUNSCREEN.


I’m really obsessed with exfoliating my body and scrubbing off the layers of sunscreen and sweat from a long hot day. I love Lush’s Ocean Salt, I also scrub my face with it a couple of times a week to give that clean brightening effect. Lush’s RUB RUB RUB works great too and smells so damn divine. I tend to concentrate on the areas where my keratosis pilaris is apparent af. I do love coffee scrubs from FRANK BODY for those areas affected with KP as well, I just don’t love the way it dirties my tub. but they do WONDERS at exfoliating and healing. 



Lately my scent has actually been Glossier’s Body Hero Oil Wash . I live for the neroli scent in that product, therefore making me indulge in Tom Ford’s Neroli Portofino. The scent transports me from sticky, steamy NYC, to Somewhere in Northern Italy. 




Makeup has been kept very light this season. For work I’m barefaced. For the evening, if I get pulled out of my cozy bed for a glass of rosé at Sel Rose, I’d opt for NARS Tinted Moisturizer, and Concealer, FENTY Matte Match Stix to try and lightly contour to slenderize my face a bit, Marc Jacobs Bronzer, NYX Brow Pencil, Glossier Boy Brow, Glossier Dusk Cloud Paint. MAC Stripdown lip pencil paired with any of my many shimmery, clear glosses. I usually end with a wing and/or mascara but if I’m feeling it, I’d throw on some shadow and demi wispies. Of course I add some glow, Colourpop Loose Highlighters are a fave at the moment for a pretty subtle iridescence, I love the way the sun reflects off of it. 

Did you know that choosing a calming color on your nails can help with anxiety when you glance down at your nail? I find this to be accurate. My favorite color is Periwinkle, which as you know is a super calming shade of blue therefore Floss Gloss’s “95% Angel” is my go-to, signature polish. 



I don’t straighten my hair unless I’m going to the salon for a trim and  undercut upkeep. It’s WAY too hot and my edges will curl up in .3 seconds. I simply wash the stress flakes away, bless you ORIBE SERENE SCALP Shampoo and Conditioner for keeping my scalp free of Frosted Flakes. I like to go in with a OUAI Trifecta of Rose Hair & Body Oil, Leave-in Conditioner and a few sprays of "Sun of a Beach" to naturally lighten up my strands to look Sunkissed, I also love to use Kristin Ess Weightless Air Dry Creme. I honestly have no patience for my hair in the summertime, so I keep it as minimal as possible. 



I am someone who deals with anxiety and depression. I have my moments and with all that is happening in this country, it's not helping. I try my best to aid myself when the lows hit. I find that I must separate myself in order to RECHARGE and FOCUS on MYSELF. Sometimes we care about people so much and want to be there for them that to the point that we exhaust ourselves, sacrificing our inner peace and happiness in the process. It is absolutely vital for me to be pull myself away and take a break. I must do this because if I don’t it makes me resent people and I don’t have it in me to carry around that type of baggage. It does get lonely, especially if you’re like me and don’t have anyone to confide in and/or fear of being a burden to others. You’re on your own and you figure out ways to aid yourself during this time alone. I like to write my thoughts down and sometimes tear up the paper so I can just release all of that bullshit in my head, Keeping shit internalized is a NO for me. Small things help me out so much. Moments like  the way the sun creeps through my window and hits my sheets in the morning, make me feel good about taking on the day.




JOURNALING - Write those thoughts down! Release that negativity lingering in your mind, causing you to overthink.

BULLET JOURNALING - I find that organization and planning calms my anxiety. 

SUMMER READING LIST - Getting lost in a fictional story distracts you from your own, like a tiny escape from reality. 

BINGE ON A SHOW - There's nothing wrong with binging on entertainment once in a while. May I recommend GLOW

MAKE A SOOTHING SUMMER PLAYLIST - Believe it or not, Music has healing powers!

GO FOR A POWER WALK - A physical way to release those lingering thoughts on overdrive. 

AT HOME SPA - Pair a face mask with that journaling, reading or bingeworthy show. 

CALM APP - I recommend this to everyone. I have used mine everyday for the past few years. The sound of rain brings me peace.

LIGHT A CANDLE - I find this to be such a soothing luxury. My favorite candle is ASH from BOY SMELLS



*Professional Help - Sometimes you reach a point where being there for yourself just isn’t enough and THAT IS OKAY. There is nothing wrong with seeking help from a professional. I’ve done it a few times and I feel so much better afterwards. 




Take care of yourself. Until Next time...

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