Lazy Girl Body-care with Kayla!

Written By Kayla M



I am lazy! There I said it…. Admitting you have a problem is the first step right? As much as I love lathering my face in every moisturizer and mask I can get my hands on I have a hard time-doing that with the rest of my body. All the lotion commercials make it seem so glamorous and therapeutic to apply lotion after a shower-I however disagree completely.  But then the universe heard my dry skin prayers & I found the perfect lazy girl body product and my world changed. I came to possess the Moroccan Oil Shower Milk and Lush Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner.

Ro's Argan1.jpg
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The Morroccan Oil Shower Milk appeared, and I thought yass!! However, that feeling was extremely short lived. The product is described as “an argan oil infused milk that gently cleanses and hydrates.” The shower milk is essentially a creamier body wash than what is usually found in store, but it didn’t hydrate to the point where lotion isn’t needed. I truthfully didn’t find it to do much of anything. Although I find 6.7oz of product for $32 reasonable, I can’t justify any amount if the product doesn’t work for me.

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I was disappointed and desperate for a lazy girl remedy. I remembered a sample of a Lush product from a couple of years ago. I was told to rub it on my skin while in the shower and rinse- then the heavens opened, and I cried joyous tears. It wasn’t until recently that I gave in and decided to just purchase the product for myself and I regret not having it in my life sooner. Lush’s Ro’s Argan was the answer, the jar contains 7.9oz of glorious rose scented body conditioner for $35.95. Besides being lazy I am also beyond paranoid about “smelling good” and up until Ro’s Argan appeared I was use to body washes and lotions having a great scent but not a lasting scent and most definitely not a scent that I could personally smell on myself.

I can smell Ro’s Argan on my skin all day!! But mostly importantly almost immediately after you rinse the product off you can feel how smooth, silky and hydrated your skin feels. The simplicity of the ingredients, the ease of the process and the effectiveness of the product makes me believe in miracles.Lush’s product is truly amazing-. A natural, animal friendly, good smelling, reasonably priced, product that actually works! Who knew that could exist.


I recommend anyone and everyone to try this, it is a terrific addition to your skincare routine. Remember your skin is your largest organ, I often find myself thinking it is okay to go H.A.M. with my facial skincare and then ignore the rest of my body’s skincare needs. Lush Cosmetic’s Ro’s Argan body conditioner has allowed me to begin a serious selfcare affair from head to toe.