Beach Waves in March ! IGK Beach Club Texture Spray


Written by Deanna P 

I recently tried IGK Beach Club Texture Spray.  It comes in a 1.7 oz trial size and 5 oz for $29.00.  I tried the 5 oz. size. IGK launched in 2016 by 4 hair stylists from NY, LA, & Miami.  The stylists include Chase Kusero from LA.  His clients include Jared Leto, Paris Hilton, Robbie Williams, and Mena Suvari.  Franck Izquierdo, from Miami, whose claim to fame is styling models on fashion runways  from Milan to Paris and has worked for many designers including Givenchy.   Leo Izquierdo, also from Miami, who also works the catwalk and the red carpet.  Mercedes Benz Fashion week has partnered with him and he has worked with Oscar De La Renta and Chloe’.

The NYC stylist, Aaron Grenia, from NY who has a deep passion for styling and has a list of his own fashionable clients and also works the runway with famous designers.  The group together resembles a men’s rock band and give off a cool laid back vibe.  Their single vision is to create products designed to fit the lives and needs of the client. For those of you who do not know, I am not a huge fan of most hair sprays.  That is until I tried IGK Beach Club Texture Spray.  Texture Sprays are different from hair sprays as they add texture to the hair without the stiffness, & stillness a lot of hairsprays do. This texture spray can be used on Straight, Wavy, Curly, Coiled or Tightly Coiled hair.  It has no added Parabens, Sulfates or.Phthalates It can also be used on color or keratin treated hair.  Lastly, it is salt free. It claims to add texture and volume to the hair and give you that beach wind blown look. 


I tried IGK spray not expecting much and I fell in love.   I though the packaging was brilliant.  The beach picture that covers the canister speaks for itself and really displays what the product   is supposed to do.   The fragrance is a mix of vibrant notes of guava, coconut water, pink lotus, midnight violet, and vanilla.  The smell is intoxicating.   The best news is the product works briliantly.  It gave my hair a great beachy texture while adding a great smell and the ability to still run my fingers through it. I would definitely recommend and think it is priced fairly.   The good news is you can buy the mini size for $14.00 so you can try it before you invest in it.  


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