Frizz or no frizz? That is the question!


Living Proof is a company that was founded in 2005 & is based in Cambridge Mass.  It’s staff is comprised of beauty experts & biotech scientists using technology from MIT.  The company actually does what it promises & makes hair beautiful. I have tried Living Proof product before & loved the results so I was happy to try Living proof frizz nourishing Oil.  This product actually got the coveted 2016best of Beauty award given by Allure The Beauty Expert in 2016. The nourishing oil comes in 2 sizesA 0.85 oz for $20.00 &  3.4 oz for $38.00.  I suggest you start with the smaller size & try the product to see how well it work on your hair.  I think the price is fair as this is a high end oil that really works to improve your hair.  

The things I loved best about the oil is the scent & the fact that itdelivers on the results promised.  The product packaging is also pure genius.  Simple in nature, the color, size, & shape of the product made it feel ultra expensive & give off a cool trendy vibe.  The product was easy to dispense & it was easy to store.The scent was one of my favorites, a light fresh citrusy smell.  I am a big proponent thata product should smell as good as it works and the nourishing oil does just that. The oil promises that it will prevent frizz & add nourishment to the hair.  Since my hair tends to be frizzy, & not look very smooth, I was happy with the results.  My hair looked shinier, healthier, less, frizzy & more manageable.  I really liked this product better than most leave in oils.  I highly recommend trying it.  It also contains no Parabens, Sulfates, or Phthalates .

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