The Cleanser I Reach for When my Face Needs a Tall Glass of Water

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The mystery of a ‘mud to foam’ cleanser intrigued me, but I was wary of trying to a new face cleanser.  Murad is responsible for the progress my skin has been making over the last few months, and the last thing I wanted to do was irritate it again.  Rare Brazilian Yellow Clay, Pure Green Coconut Water, South Pacific Plumeria Flower Blossom Extract and Teaoxi Olive Leaf Powder were listed as the ingredients and this all meant absolutely nothing to me in terms of skincare, but I needed a light exfoliant incorporated into my routine and this was a high contender.  Everything started to make sense as I noticed 'brightness' and 'clarity' were turned way up on my skin's meter scale. Teaoxi accompanied by the coconut water are the ones responsible for the surge of moisture and hydration. I've used Glamglow cleanser in the morning and sometimes at night and never had a single issue with the formula or how my skin reacts.  It keeps my face soft, bright and hydrated, and breakouts are practically non-existent.  I have been fighting discoloration on my cheek area and this has exfoliated and helped minimize dark spots.  I use this face wash in addition to Murad Radiant Skin Renewal regiment and it’s been a great compliment to my skincare routine.  I love that I put the mud on my face first, and then lather it with water to turn the mud into a lovely foam.  The foam isn't as foamy as one would expect but it does a great job at removing my makeup and giving me a refreshing and clean feeling post wash.The mud smells like coconuts which is always a plus.  Anytime I can incorporate a fake tropical aspect into my day, I will.  Unfortunately, at first the scent can be a little unusual…. chemically if you must. It's not overpowering and your nose will quickly adjust, but it  doesn't fall under the typical coconut fragrance.This cleanser from Glamglow retails for $39 at Sephora, but before I repurchased I would wait for it to go on sale.  I still stand by the complimentary factor to my routine but it doesn't hold a permanent spot.  I love this cleanser because it is great for that little extra exfoliation you need every once in a while.